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Knit and Crochet Popular Ponytail Hat Patterns Showcase

Knit Ponytail Hat Patterns – AKA Messy Bun Hats Ponytail or Messy Bun Hats have been all the rage this winter. Whether you are a knitter or a crocheter I have foundRead More…

Illusion Love Cushion by Steve Plummer

What Is Illusion Knitting?

What is Illusion Knitting? So, Have you ever heard of illusion knitting and wondered what it was? I recently was designing a baby blanket for my daughter. She asked for a giraffeRead More…

25 Knit Christmas Stocking Patterns this Season

25 Knit Christmas Stocking Patterns this Season

The Holidays are upon us and its time to think of decorating your mantle. I’ve put together 25 knit Christmas Stocking Patterns for you to choose from. A variety of knit patternsRead More…

How to Knit the Woven Cable Stitch

How to Knit the Woven Cable Stitch

Let’s Knit the Woven Cable Stitch  The woven cable stitch is a simple cable stitch worked across 4 stitches creating a twist. I believe this is the foundation for so many otherRead More…

Herringbone Stitch

11 FREE Herringbone Stitch Knitting Patterns for Fall

Herringbone Stitch Knitting Patterns This weeks square in our 2016 Sampler Afghan is the beautiful herringbone stitch. It truly is a gorgeous pattern and makes a dense strong material perfect for blockingRead More…


Felted Knitting Patterns for Game Night Fun!

Fun Felted Knitting Patterns/Let’s Play! Recently, I saw a meme that poignantly said what we all as parents already know about our kids. That if you want you children to show upRead More…

Linen Stitch Knitting Patterns

A Dozen Colorful Linen Stitch Knitting Patterns

12 Colorful Linen Stitch Knitting Patterns The first stitch this month in the 52-week sampler afghan is the linen stitch. I believe this is a must for every knitter. I haven’t usedRead More…

farrow rib stitch

How to Knit the Farrow Rib Stitch

Farrow Rib Stitch  This month we are discovering new rib stitch patterns. This week’s square is the farrow rib pattern. It’s quite simple like most rib stitches. The farrow rib stitch isRead More…

lace knitting patterns

Free Lace Knitting Patterns To Try

Free Lace Knitting Patterns So all month long we are going to look at lace knitting patterns and I will showcase some free patterns. This week’s 52-week sampler afghan pattern is theRead More…

lace knitting scarf

Let’s Talk Lace Knitting Patterns

Lace Knitting As warm weather begins to ramp up lace knitting becomes more prevalent in the patterns we see everywhere. Each square in the 52-week sampler afghan this month will be aRead More…