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Illusion Love Cushion by Steve Plummer

What Is Illusion Knitting?

What is Illusion Knitting? So, Have you ever heard of illusion knitting and wondered what it was? I recently was designing a baby blanket for my daughter. She asked for a giraffeRead More…

Snowflake motif knitted swatch

Finishing Your 2016 52-Week Knit Sampler Afghan

2016’s 52-Week Knit Sampler Afghan Well, the year is almost to an end. We all have been busy knitting and learning new stitches and patterns for this years 52-Week Knit Sampler Afghan.Read More…

joining knitted stitches

Joining Knitted Squares to Make a Blanket-2016 Sampler Afghan

Joining Knitted Squares This post is for those of you who have been working a knit along (KAL) whether the 2016 52-week Sampler Afghan KAL that we have been working on all yearRead More…

How to Knit the Woven Cable Stitch

How to Knit the Woven Cable Stitch

Let’s Knit the Woven Cable Stitch  The woven cable stitch is a simple cable stitch worked across 4 stitches creating a twist. I believe this is the foundation for so many otherRead More…

Ten Fabulous Knitting Patterns for the Home

Five Fabulous Knitting Patterns for the Home

Knitting Patterns for the Home We knit year round for everyone. However, I think it would be wonderful if we had more knitting patterns for the home in our knitting arsenal. WeRead More…

textured rib hat

2 More Rib Stitch Patterns to Knit

Rib Stitch Patterns We’ve been talking about rib stitches this month and there are tons of ribbing stitches to try. We discussed the 1 x 1 garter rib already, but what ifRead More…

farrow rib stitch

How to Knit the Farrow Rib Stitch

Farrow Rib Stitch  This month we are discovering new rib stitch patterns. This week’s square is the farrow rib pattern. It’s quite simple like most rib stitches. The farrow rib stitch isRead More…