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What’s Your Latest Knitting Craze?

whats the latest knitting craze

My latest knitting craze is baby sweaters. I love babies and usually have a blanket on my knitting needles all the time. Lately, I am in love with all the adorable baby sweaters I see. I recently had a request for a Cincinnati Bengals infant sweater for a friend’s grandson. I have been so excited to see what I could come up with. Here is a picture of what I have so far.

hand knit Bengals baby sweater

I also have worked a little on my KAL baby blanket. However, it has been going a little slowly. I have a tendency to get bored, as a person with a true artist personality I am fickle. I am always looking for my next challenge. I recently heard a knitter ask, “What is the most difficult knitting stitch to knit?”. I imagine this is a matter of perception. What some might love to knit others may hate.


I don’t believe there is one such stitch. I believe their are projects in whole that are more difficult than others. Lace for instance is difficult just because it takes a lot of concentration. There is a lot of increasing and decreasing. Color work is another knitting project that takes more expertise in managing numerous yarns at once. Cables can be hard on your hands if they are tight.

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Expand Your Knitting Skills

What is your latest knitting craze? Are you looking for easy knitting to relax or do you love a challenge. Are you into arm knitting? Chunky yarn, the bigger the project the better knitting? I love those giant knitting needles with the rope yarns to make rugs. My daughter loves arm knitting. I would love to try these things but don’t feel that even though I love to look at them I doubt I’d love to knit them.

knit shawl

Pi Shawl

Are you looking for projects with bobbles, lace, difficult stitches. Because at the end of the day it’s all just a knit and a purl stitch and how we choose to use them. What can we do to make knitting more of a challenge or is your craze just knitting anything and everything you love?

600 X 160 no expiration date

fair isle christmas stocking

Color Work

I’m a crazy knitter and knitting can make me crazy, but I love it with all my heart! How about you, what’s your latest knitting craze?

Happy Knitting & Hug Your Snugglebugg!

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