What’s on your knitting needles?

Today is WIP Wednesday. I have been busy trying to catch up on my knitting. I hit the stores Saturday with my daughter for more yarn. I really didn’t need more but have you ever wondered why no matter how big your yarn stash is you never have the right color or yarn for the projects your want to do.

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what's on your knitting needles

Cable Knit Ear Warmer Headband

So this is what I’ve been doing. I was trying to finish the free pattern I promised and I found this winter blue color with just the right amount of sparkle to use for my headband pattern. The color reminded me of the movie “Frozen” so I thought it would be great for my ear warmers. If you haven’t signed up for my newsletter please go ahead and sign up you will receive the free link to this cable knit ear warmer headband. The other headband is a cable twist and will be listed on my patterns page.

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KAL update on Fanciful Rose baby blanket. I’m a little behind I am just getting started but will continue to update you in future posts. I like the ease of this blanket. I can watch a movie and not screw it up. So it’s fast and relaxing.

knitting needles fanciful rose pattern

I do intend to make more headbands to put in my Etsy shop Snugglebugg Knit. So check it out if you’d like to purchase any of these items.

Not only am I curious to know what’s on your knitting needles, but how many stitches have been on them this month? A lot of knitters are doing NaKniSweMo  (National Knitting Sweater Month) a challenge to knit a 50,000 stitch sweater by the end of November. While NaKniMo (National Knitting Month) is a challenge to knit or crochet 30,000 stitches by the end of November. Both are spin offs from NaNoWriMo (National November Writing Month) a challenge to write a 50,000 word novel in a month.

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Hand Knit Headbands

Confused with all the initials yet?! (LOL) It’s actually quite fun to challenge yourself. I have never really counted my total stitches. NaKniMo is a group on Ravelry  which you can join and challenge yourself to knit 30,000 stitches this month. So, do you know how many stitches you’ve knitted so far this month? It has really peaked my interest on exactly how many stitches I have knitted this month. The magic number of stitches that has been on my knitting needles is 11,072. Which really isn’t all that many for me. I did most of that this weekend. I have just been too busy, however now that I’m challenging myself look out 30,000 stitches here I come.

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hand knit fox scarf

My Snugglebugg wearing his new scarf. So please share with us what’s on your knitting needles. Let us know how the KAL is coming and if you have any questions or suggestions. Everyone who has signed up for my newsletter is entered to win a hand knit hat from me. So sign up, Like and Share with your friends and on Thanksgiving Day there will be one lucky winner.

knit fur sock hat

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