Yarn, Glorious Yarn!

I spent yesterday out and about town running errands. I needed shipping supplies, for my Etsy shop, but as usual I ended up at the yarn shop. It’s one of the big craft stores we all know and love. I just want to move in and never leave. The smell is so good I wish I could duplicate that spicy goodness in my house. I would never leave home again. The craft store is my idea of heaven.

Seems no matter where I go I end up in the yarn department. I sometimes get the feeling I’m being watched. I get a little paranoid after I’m there a while, because I spend so much time just wandering up and down the same isles. I can’t ever decide what I want, so I’m looking and touching each type of wool and cotton to see what I like the best. I could be there for hours trying to make up my mind. There’s just so much to choose from, I can’t decide.

I always seem to want a color I don’t see. So I have to look repeatedly. Why is it the perfect pink I see in my head is never the one on the shelf or it is but not in the soft brand I want. I’m sure I should just raise my own sheep and make my own snuggle fiber. I’m so jealous that so many knitters really do spin and dye their own wool. I discovered this blog with fantastic pictures of fleece and so worth the read All the Pretty Fibers. I do think short of raising sheep or alpacas, I may just try dying my own, to see what great shades I can come up with. I also would love to have a spinning wheel and learn to spin my own fibers. I doubt I have time to do all the truly fun parts of making this wonderfully soft, fluffy stuff we all love called yarn.sheep & lamb

I personally am extremely girly and love pinks to a fault. Which I believe is odd for a woman pushing 50. So I had to fight the urge to buy pink for my latest project, a lovely seed stitch cowl from Ravelry. I really liked the cream cowl in the picture and wanted to make one in cream, but I find it a little boring even though it goes with everything. I tried a darker shade with more tan in it, but as usual couldn’t make up my mind. So since I was by myself and couldn’t turn to one of my girls for their opinion, which by the way I don’t really listen to that well. I began asking complete strangers. Not strangers that were on the knit isle because there was no one there. I actually had to wander around and find some other women to ask their opinion. Please tell me I’m not crazy and that you would have done the exact same thing. I’m a little crazy though. (LOL)

This is really a great time of year for buying wool, the sales are everywhere. The crisp cold air makes me embrace the warm fuzzy stuff. But, I do get a little tired of all the same colors in dark neutrals. I miss the bright colored yarns we see so much of in the spring and summer. I decided on this alpaca blend in biscuit. However, I forgot my coupon, but the sales clerk being so nice she gave me the discount. Shhh! Don’t tell anyone it’s a secret:) I just love it when I can buy the more expensive fibers at a discount. It feels as if I’ve won a prize. tan alpaca yarn

Well, I hope you get out and take advantage of the sales and the newest fibers for winter, that all the stores are carrying. It’s also a great time to shop the sales. The stores need to make room for all the new winter arrivals.


Have a great weekend! I hope you start a new project and find some amazing yarn. Remember to get a mammogram this month. Also, next week we will start our new knit along project.

Happy Knitting


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