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KAL Seed Stitch Cowl

seed stitch cowl

Thirty Eight
by Jane Cochran

It’s been a few days since we started our KAL seed stitch cowl. How are you doing? Have you found it difficult to switch between knit and purl stitches? Or, have you mastered it with ease using the continental method? I have been busy, but have finished this project and decided to make a matching ear warmer headband.

I thought I would show you this cute headband and give you the link to this pattern I found in case you would like to make one to match your cowl. It’s called the Cozy Pozy Ear Warmer Headband by Heatherfeather.

Cozy Pozy Ear Warmer

Cozy Pozy Ear Warmer by Heatherfeather

I love how it has that 1950’s vibe making it so fashionable on those cold windy days. I can look cute and be warm. I thought this headband was the perfect compliment for our seed stitch cowl and I hope you do too.

What I really like about the this particular stitch is that it’s extremely forgiving. Inconsistencies in tension don’t show as easily as they would on a stockinette piece. Plus, it is a thick snug stitch perfect for winter projects.

I tried wearing this cowl in different ways to see how I liked it. At first I kept thinking the ribbing should be on both sides to balance it. However, after playing with it I decided I liked the possibilities it lends itself to this way.

Twisted and doubled, snug around your neck, or across and off the shoulders for a more appealing feminine approach. This seed stitch cowl has the perfect foundation to approach it in many different ways. So I challenge you to be creative with it. I will share more pictures as soon as I finish the matching headband.

Another note, Ravelry is loaded with plenty of other ear warmers that would match this cowl perfectly. So, have fun and share what you knit up with the rest of us. I’d love to hear how your cowl turns out, and if you add this or another headband. Happy Knitting!

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