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Lace Knitting

As warm weather begins to ramp up lace knitting becomes more prevalent in the patterns we see everywhere. Each square in the 52-week sampler afghan this month will be a knit lace stitch square. Plus, I’m going to feature a lace pattern from various artist each week.

This weeks square stitch is called lace ribbons. The photo is using a worsted weight yarn which allows this pattern to show well. But with lace knitting you typically use a light weight yarn to get a soft flowing fabric that is perfect for summer shawls, shrugs, and scarves. Any of the patterns this month would make lovely scarves. You can just increase the patterns by multiplying stitches and repeat patterns to the length you  desire.

lace ribbons knit stitch pattern

Lace knitting is a style of knitting characterized by holes placed strategically to create beautiful designs and a light airy fabric. This type of knitting is not for the new knitter, but for those who are ready to begin the challenges of lace knitting, it can be quite satisfying for the more experienced. It’s so important to keep up with row count and stitch count. Patterns are much harder to read due to the number of increases and decreases.

Mistakes are also easier to make which is why many knitters will add a lifeline at the end of a pattern repeat. Allowing the knitter to rip out a certain number of stitches safely if they do find a mistake. Starting with small pieces such as lace squares or bookmarks can give you the needed practice with increases and decreases required to make holes for lace work.

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With spring and summer, flowers are blooming everywhere and make for perfect lace designs as seen in this square 14 hyacinths stitch. The square this month will give you a nice start to trying lace without the extreme holes a lot of lace pieces have. The pattern below is an eyelet style lace pattern.

Hyacinth Stitch

The lighter the yarn the more delicate the fabric as with the lovely scarf below. Another example is the wedding ring shawl which is famous for being so fine that it can be pulled through a wedding band. Some lace patterns are a majority of holes as with faggoting. It’s very similar to netting fabric where each stitch is either a yarn over or decrease.

The pattern below is from:

Pattern: Branching Out from Knitty, Spring 2005

Designer: Susan Pierce Lawrence

Yarn: thrifted sky blue mohair

lace knitting scarf

I love these scarves from Fiddlesticks Knitting. Four Season Scarves each has a different look and represents each season of the year. Beautiful designs and colors. Knit with 50% merino and 50% silk. They are not free and I am not affiliated with them, but I thought they were pretty enough to share with you.

knitting lace scarves

Lace knitting is not as fine as needle lace or bobbin lace, but it’s much better for clothing because it’s much softer and faster to knit. I’ve included a short video on lace knitting from Eunny Jang for you which may help explain things even more.

I chose a lace bookmark pattern from Nazanin S. Fard from Ravelry for this weeks pattern to try.

lace bookmark

Also, I would like to wish my beautiful daughter Katie a Happy Birthday today.

Happy Knitting!

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