Knitting is a calming, peaceful, and tranquil hobby we all love to do to unwind at the end of the day. Something we enjoy while we watch our favorite television programs. While we knit gifts for our loved ones. However, I wonder how many of you ever thought of your favorite hobby in terms of knitting to quiet a raging storm of anger inside yourself. Well, this article is going to be a little different this week.

Knitting to Quiet a Raging Storm of Anger!

Moonlight Star Knitting Chart pdf

Knitting to Quiet a Raging Storm of Anger!

Yep! That’s what this week’s knitting has been mostly about for me. What little knitting I’ve managed to do. If you are a loyal Snugglebugg Knitter you probably notice that we disappeared for about 3 days last week. Now if you are a fellow blogger/knitter you can only imagine what you would feel if you woke up to find your site gone at no request of your own. I totally FREAKED!

I immediately started making phone calls to my hosting company trying to understand an email that stated they had canceled my account per my request which could not have been further from the truth. No doubt someone coming from a good place trying to help me with something made a human error. Along with  quite a lot of human errors over the next 3 days from very nice young people asking me to hold for up to what I calculated was a total of 9 hours. (I kid you not.) I was told that it was repaired back to new, to just wait, which I did, and another day went by, and still no I cried for hours at some point of exhaustion and I don’t think I’ve cried in years. I even developed a sore throat over the whole ordeal. I should have started knitting to quiet a raging storm of anger because ever since I started SnugglebuggKnits my happiness and health have been so much better. Yet, the very moment it was threatened I started to become angry the way a mother whose child had been injured is angry.
Our biggest sale of the year!

The problem started with a miscommunication and I truly wanted to scream if anyone ever ask me to start a ticket again I just might SCREAM! I am so truly blessed to have the best followers and artist here. I am frazzled and really am fighting a sore throat and have a doctor appointment today. I’m struggling to get things back to normal. I have been working on a new knitting chart line that I will be selling directly on here I still have not decided on the launch date. I am not ready but after this weeks debacle, I wanted to give all my Snugglebugg Knitters a FREE knitting chart  So I added a free pdf knitting chart for everyone to download. It’s a quilt square Moonlight Star super simple just 2 colors good for everyone it wasn’t quite finished I rushed it I hope you could see the graph.

I guess we all think of knitting and crochet as something we do for fun and the truth is it really is therapeutic and healthy for you. I don’t have any scientific data but I guarantee it keeps my blood pressure down and the glass of wine helps my mood too. Now if people will leave my website alone I will be just fine.

Next week tons of patterns and what I’ve been knitting! This weeks square in 52-week sampler afghan is the sand wind cable stitch I should have a picture up tonight on the patterns page.

Happy Knitting!




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