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Knitting the Other Love Langauge

There seems to be a pre-conceived notion that handmade gifts are cheap. That because someone took the time to pick out the perfect project, go shopping for all the supplies, then spend hours of their lives knitting a gift for a loved one. Just to hear “OH! it’s handmade.” in a tone that could make you cringe makes handmade gifts less than or not good enough.

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Recently I’ve been learning about the languages of love; affirmation, giving, serving, quality time, and physical touch. I’m learning what my love language is and as a knitter, I receive love when others tell me they like my knits. I give love with every scarf, hat or blanket I make for someone. I serve others through teaching and giving my valuable time to others. My projects touch and keep others warm and cozy. Knitting truly is a love language all it’s own.

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We love the way yarn feels, we love shopping for yarn, I could spend hours in a craft store feeling all the yarn and comparing them. Searching out the perfect shade of pink or blue. We love our sock yarns for all those socks we knit. We are into super chunky yarn and the bigger the needles the better.


We love our knitting styles. Some of us are in love with fair isle, others are into intarsia, we have our cables and lace knitters. There is something for everyone and we love it all. I am having the best love affair of my life. Every night I cozy up with a pair of needles and my favorite yarn. I spend hours pouring out my thoughts and love into my craft. It brings so much joy to see how happy my knits make others.

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I love fiber arts and giving what I make to those I love the most. My language of love is knitting and everything that comes with it. I vote that instead of a bouquet of flowers this year we get a bouquet of yarn in all our favorite colors with a box of chocolates of course.


Our Sampler Afghan is coming along you should have made four squares by now. I have added 2 alternative squares for those who do not like to knit intarsia or fair isle.  Below are pics of zigs and zags and ribbed squares. For February, we will be knitting up some love with hearts and cables. So get those cable needles out.

knit vertical zigs and zags alt square 4Please share your squares with us. You can post them in the comments below, on my facebook page SnugglebuggKnits or my group SnugglebuggKnits. Let’s share the love.

Knitted Ribbed SquaresThis weeks square 5 is called harlequin the pattern is up on my site so have fun.

harlequin knit stitch square

Happy Knitting!

“A Snuggle is more than a hug it’s Love!”




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