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In Memory of…

Natalie Cole the daughter of another legend Nat King Cole, David Bowie singer-songwriter, and Glenn Frye founder of the Eagles I felt that the square-4 knitting chart for the 52-week sampler afghan should be musical.

You can knit this square in the traditional black and white or you can get funky with it by pulling out the neon yarn. Whatever you’re feeling go for it.

Music is a feeling that fills us with sadness, laughter, anger, love, and happiness. So knit these notes for the music lover in your life. Knit this square for a song you hold dear in your heart. Put on some Natalie singing with her Dad and knit your heart out. Listen to Glenn Frye, he is in every song you’ve ever heard. He’s my dance around the house, singing in the car driving down the highway music. David Bowie is electric! So get your knit on with some tunes.

Each of these singers has added so much music to our lives and they will be missed deeply, therefore this knitting chart is for you and all the music lovers in the world.

52-Week Sampler Afghan

Knitting Chart 4

musical notes knitting chart

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