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Challenges in Knitting a Baby Sweater

My latest knitting project is the cutest baby sweater. I’m knitting a baby sweater for a friend of mine. She asked me to knit her grandson a Cincinnati Bengals sweater. So I’ve been busy designing the perfect sport sweater. The biggest issue I had at first was making sure the sizing was accurate.

Everyone who knows me, knows I knit loosely so when I am using the smallest needles I can and I am being diligent about not knitting loosely then what do I do if it’s still too big. Start adjusting the pattern to fit my knitting.

The Bengals colors are black and orange so working with black yarn has been really hard on my eyes, but it looks so good. I have knitted the back 3 times and the front twice. First time I did the back I tried knitting the letter “B” into it. I really loved it but the “B” was too flat vertically. So I decided not to use it on this sweater. I do think I will try it again. If I don’t like something I redo it. If it’s not perfect I redo it. If I’m not paying attention, huge mistake I gotta redo.

500 X 100

Still I can’t wait to see how great it is gonna be when it’s done. It is a concern of mine without being able to measure this little guy or have him to fit it to I worry about it fitting perfectly. But I really think this is gonna be fabulous.

I want to mention that I am not writing quite as often as I was because it cuts into my knitting time tremendously. I’d like to make this a more casual blog about what’s going on here at the Snugglebugg’s house and talk about my latest knitting projects and what we all can learn from these knits.

Please feel free to chime in and share your knitting experiences with us. I will also be including more knitting patterns at SnugglebuggKnits. With the holidays upon us, I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. There will be a lot of cooking at the Snugglebugg’s this season so I guess I have to put my knitting needles down for a bit.

I am thankful for each one of you and I wish you and your Snugglebuggs a safe and fun Thanksgiving!

600 X 160 no expiration date

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