Knitter's Block

What is Knitter’s Block? How many of you suffer from knitter’s block? Is it a real problem for knitters or is it just me? I believe it’s real. I have been struggling with it for a week now. You pour through tons of patterns. You knit, rip, re-knit, rip. Nothing feels right. You either hate everything you do or you can’t decide between all the choices so you do nothing!

Knitter’s Block

I have knitter’s block. I suffer from this on a fairly regular basis. Maybe a few times a year. I feel pressured to make something new, but can’t seem to figure out what that something is I should knit. It’s sort of like writer’s block. Nothing happens the same as a writer stares at the screen, but can’t start his story. I can’t seem to commit to a project.

Recently, I asked other knitter’s if they too have knitter’s block and I got an astounding YES! Which believe it or not actually made me feel so much better. I myself suffer from not being able to move forward with any project. Some other knitters said they have trouble creating their new projects and knit, rip, and re-knit. I do this too.

However, I think the biggest problem is simply deciding on a project that is good enough. Or I like so many different projects I want to do them all and can’t pick where to start. I start one then decide I’d rather do something else.

I start to panic and feel dread that I’m not knitting anything. I can hear the clock in my head ticking away saying Christmas is just around the corner and you don’t have enough time to make it all. There isn’t enough time in the year for all I’d like to knit. So what do we do?

Sometimes, dare I say it, you may need to just walk away from it all for a few days. Let it resonate. Then, see if something doesn’t click. I know the thought is scary, but what else is there to do?

I like what one knitter had to say. She has a multitude of projects going at once. I worry I may not finish so I try to keep it to 2 at a time, but I’m starting to rethink this plan. If I start a hat and decide it’s not right maybe it’s just timing. So set it down and start something else.

My new strategy is to start at least 3 or 4 projects and alternate depending on my mood. If you are not sure of what to knit try the latest Snugglebugg Knits KAL for November. I usually have an easy bedtime blanket to knit or a scarf something simple and relaxing. I’ll also have another project that needs more focus and attention maybe a lace shawl with a lot of increases and decreases. So, maybe I’ll try adding a couple more projects and see if that helps.

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Now, if I could just decide what those projects are going to be. I always have gifts to make, my grandson always wants me to make him something, and then there’s the problem of what do people want to buy. My Pinterest page has loads of patterns to try and don’t forget about Ravelry that should keep you busy for hours or days even.

I know there are a lot more dire issues out there in the world to worry about. However, if you are a compulsive knitter there’s nothing worse than knitter’s block! I hope this helped and gave you an idea or two of how to break the block cycle. Good Luck!

Hey, when in doubt shop, I’m off to the yarn store:-)

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Have a Happy Knitting Weekend!

& don’t forget

Hug your Snugglebugg!

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