Half Brioche Stitch Swatches

What is the Half Brioche Stitch

Above is a picture of a couple of swatches I recently knit up. The swatch on the left is the wrong side with knit 1, purl 1 rib columns. The swatch on the right side is the brioche side. Hence one side of the fabric is brioche the other side is not. Therefore, we have the half brioche stitch.

Half Brioche StitchThis stitch is used when you would like your fabric to be a bit stretchier than the normal brioche stitch with some contrast on each side. The brioche side has a wider and flatter ribbing than the K1, P1 rib side. Personally, I have fallen in love with this stitch and will be making some scarves for the fall.

2 color half brioche stitchThis week’s square in the 52-week sampler afghan is the half brioche stitch. I have added both the single color and the 2-color version so you can be creative if you would like to attempt knitting with 2 colors. You will have a dark side and a light side of your fabric. This stitch is absolutely beautiful and the color combinations are endless.

half brioche stitch I used a mint green and white for the swatch above on the left. The left swatch is the wrong side of the half brioche fabric. The swatch on the right is done in 1-color and shows the right side of the half brioche stitch. I recommend using darker colors with your lights just to give a wonderful pop to your fabric. This did turn out nice and looks really pretty in person, but it did not photograph well.

The swatch below is the 1-color brioche rib stitch it looks the same on both sides and is super stretchy and thick. To knit this in the 2-color brioche look for it on my patterns page.

Brioche Stitch

Spring is Coming!

With Spring just a week away it’s time to put away the heavy knits and get out the lace and cotton. For many parts of the country, the temps are still cold. However, I live on the coast and the weather has been beautiful with the daffodils blooming. The trees are getting their buds and I am starting to feel crappy LOL! Allergy season has arrived!

DaffodilsI like to switch to cotton yarns/threads and such this time of year. They are light weight, cool and absorb moisture (sweat) which is what we have a lot of here in the south. The humidity is awful and some fiber artist stop knitting and crocheting completely until Autumn returns. I say NO! Why stop doing what you love so much?

Yesterday was Pi Day so why not knit a lace Pi shawl. I knit this a couple years ago and love it. The pattern is off Ravelry.com  EZ 100th Anniversary PI Shawl: Gull Wings by Mwaa Knit. I do apologize for the photo it has not been blocked for a while and I really have trouble photographing it.

Pi ShawlThere are some truly lovely fingering and light weight yarns and threads you can experiment with over the warmer seasons. Lace shawls, socks, hair accessories, jewelry, bathing suits and cover-ups and cotton sun hats are great this time of year. So, I urge you to keep knitting/crocheting throughout the year. If you like you can even get started on your Christmas gifts. It’s never too soon. I have started working on hair accessories for my Snugglebugg and will probably do some sun hats. You can find my items for sale in my Etsy shop SnugglebuggKnit.

IMG_20160312_111445-2I’d like to say something here and if you are strictly a knitter or crocheter. You may not like what I’m about to say. I’ve noticed that a lot of crafters get upset when someone doesn’t recognize that what they do is knitting or crocheting. (Oh! do you crochet? No! It’s knit.) I understand the frustration but remember that non-knitters/crocheters generally do not know much about what we do. It’s a great time to nicely educate them on the difference between these two crafts. I honestly believe there are uses for both crafts and I enjoy doing both. Spring is a great time of year to switch to crochet especially with all the cotton.

Now, that being said if you only want to knit then get your knit on. I just want to say that there are uses for both crafts and I love both in their own special ways.

Back to Brioche…

Next week’s square in the 52-week sampler afghan will be the broken brioche. I will replace the last square this month with the honeycomb brioche. You can find the 2-color brioche under brioche ribbing square 9. We will revisit more brioche this Autumn. Therefore, with Spring upon us, we will explore more lace stitches in the warmer days ahead.

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I hope you will share your squares with us. You can join us in the SnugglebuggKnits facebook group or SnugglebuggKnits FB page and share your photos. Let us know how you do with this weeks square in the comments section below and if you decided to do the 1-color or 2-color half brioche stitch.

Happy Knitting!

Snugglebugg Knits

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