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Myrtle Beach Yarn Shop & Football Fun!

This post is a redo but I’m glad to say an update. I finally made my trip to Myrtle Beach for a mini family reunion. My nephews #5 and #6 play high school football in Wilmington, NC. Friday night they were up against Myrtle Beach, SC. So we went down to watch the game and have a mini reunion. It was so much fun. I didn’t have time to knit one stitch all weekend, but I did make it back to this beautiful yarn shop, the Knit N Purl.

Friday Night Football Myrtle Beach, SC

I have to say my daughter was right and I wanted to move in and never leave. Everyone greets you with warmth and kindness the kind you only find in the south. This store is packed with all types of goodies and yarn. Cotton galore, warm knits are draped all over the store and free patterns are on display you can scan right into your phone. This little shrug I knit from the cotton my daughter bought me back in April I absolutely love the feel and color.

I didn’t go extravagant in my purchase I did get some red sparkling acrylic yarn to knit up some Christmas bows for my Etsy shop. As I was talking to the cashier she showed me this beautiful taupe wrap with all kinds of patterns throughout. I believe this is now on my list for Christmas gifts for my girls. Unfortunately, my trip was so last minute that I had to rush out before I could get all the details.

I found the name of the wrap I want to knit for my 3 girls this Christmas on Ravelry. It’s called Architexture by Jennifer Weissman and it is a beautiful wrap perfect for Autumn walks and sitting around the fireplace. Right now it’s one of the Autumn shawls in the Stroll Into Fall KAL which goes until October 31st. So there’s still time to join the group, I hope to see you there.

This wrap pattern will be great with neutrals because the patterns keep changing so I’m guaranteed to never get bored. I must apologize to the clerk, I did not get her name or title we were so busy talking about patterns and knitting styles I could have stayed forever. Oh! Please don’t say  anything to the girls it’s a secret! LOL!

Original Article Below:

Recently, my daughter went to Myrtle Beach, SC for her spring break. I asked her to bring me some pretty yarn from a local yarn shop while she was there. What she found was truly a thrill for her. She fell in love with Knit N Purl a lovely shop full of all types of wool from lace to bulky. I am slightly jealous and feel I will be traveling down very soon to do some shopping.

Knit N Purl Yarn Shop

Knit N Purl is a quaint yarn shop full of all your favorites. It has the charm of allowing anyone to stop in to sit and knit. Discussing the topics of the day and getting advice on knitting. This being the first time my daughter has visited a real yarn shop versus a craft store and she was in awe. All over the store are knit pieces with free patterns available.

Knit N Purl Yarn Shop

She loved how you could choose any yarn and have them wind it into a yarn cake. She enjoyed just looking at all the different yarns and couldn’t decide what to buy. Katie said she could have been in there for hours. One skein of yarn was $$ and she was afraid to touch it. I never laughed so hard. I have to admit I’m a bit envious. So, I believe I will be going to Knit N Purl in the very near future.

Knit N Purl Yarn Shop

Because it was my birthday my daughter brought me 2 skeins of lace wool and silk in the most glorious shade of lilac. I was also given 2 cakes of bright pink cotton my favorite color. So, I’ve decided for her birthday I will knit her a shawl with the lilac lace wool and silk. I haven’t decided what to do with the pink cotton yet but I will find something sooner or later.

wool, silk, & cotton yarn

I encourage you to stop by if you are in the Myrtle Beach area this summer. If you can’t visit in person you can order any of their yarn from their site or visit & like their Knit N Purl facebook page.

Knit N Purl Yarn Shop

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Thanks to everyone at Knit N Purl for treating my daughter and me so well!


Happy Knitting!

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