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Halloween Sweater Patterns

Halloween is not just for kids anymore. Adults have more fun with Halloween than kids do these days. With Halloween parties and dress up day at work we all look forward to candy and dressing up just as much as we did as children. What could be more fun than knitting some of your favorite Halloween figures into a sweater or two? We all love ugly sweater day at Christmastime but how about some fun Halloween sweater patterns to knit up this time of year!

I love this photo of the boy wearing a skeleton sweater and a top hat. That look on his face is priceless. I’m not sure if I’d choose this pattern for my Snugglebugg, but this would be a great chart to knit into an older kid, teen, or adult’s sweater. This skeleton sweater by Bernat Design Studio uses glow in the dark yarn making this a hit for Halloween bonus is it’s a freebie!

Kids love monsters all year long. The It’s Alive Frankenstein Sweater by Jane Burns is the perfect solution for your little monster. This design is fun because it adds some 3D effects and comes in sizes 12 months to 11 years old. Want one for yourself I’m sure you can use any pattern to create this wonderful pattern in an adult size.

Who doesn’t love Spiderman? With this spidey sweater by To Sma Svaler, the pattern is knit top down and the spiderman head is knit separately and then attached. It comes in written and chart patterns for ease. Now just find a hat and you’re ready to climb any building.

How about a ghostly sweater to scream “BOO!” in? The Ghost Sweater by Yvonne Baldwin Desmarais has you covered with a classic black and white design. She used bulky yarn and it comes in  large and x-large only. Why not try some glow in the dark yarn with this one too.

Fall Pumpkin Pullover Sweater by Johanna Miner

Fall Pumpkin Pullover Sweater by Johanna Miner

How about this Fall Pumpkin Pullover Sweater by Johanna Miner for your Lil Punkin? Comes in kids sizes 2-10. Trimmed with leaves around the collar gives this pattern it’s finishing touches.

Embrace Octopus sweater by Maia E Sirnes

Embrace Octopus sweater by Maia E Sirnes

This octopus pattern is not for the faint of heart. Embrace Octopus Sweater by Maia E Sirnes is perfect for Ocean fans, and Pirates too. This one is not cheap either but comes with an 11-page pattern and 8 pdf chart files for in-depth plans. It comes in sizes M and L and is knit on circular and double pointed needles. Definitely for the experienced knitter.

16 Pirates Cutie Sweater-by Siri Mor

16 Pirates Cutie Sweater-by Siri Mor

A few skeleton Halloween sweater patterns to choose from with the full skeleton above or maybe just a skull will do. Skull and Cross Bones  is a classic for Halloween and a favorite of people everywhere year round. This pattern #16 Pirates Cutie Sweater-by Siri Mor is perfect for pirate and fans of the Walking Dead!

Creep Crawlers and Bumps in the night are what gives us goose bumps all month long with this spider and ghost sweater patterns for the little creeping and crawling punkins in your house. This pattern fits sizes 2T and 4T just pick the one you like best. You get 3 graphs in the spider web, pumpkin, and ghostly charts to choose from or do all three if you like for the price of one. The Halloween Sweaters by Jessica Henshaw each with its own arm graph addition.

If you are looking for some other charts to incorporate into your Halloween sweater patterns try one of these intarsia knitting graphs from my Fiber Art Designs FADesignCharts on Etsy.


Happy Knitting!


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