How to Knit the Woven Cable Stitch

Let’s Knit the Woven Cable Stitch 

The woven cable stitch is a simple cable stitch worked across 4 stitches creating a twist. I believe this is the foundation for so many other cable stitches. It looks similar to the very popular entrelac knitting so many knitters love. I like how it creates a thick weave look, it really reminds me of a trellis for roses to climb.

This is a thick woven fabric which doesn’t lend itself well to clothes, but it would be great for decorative areas within projects, hats, cowls, and pillows. I have not had a chance to make my own video for this stitch however, I thought I’d share one from New Stitch a Day. I like that he tries to have a video for right handed knitting as well as continental.

Remember that the woven cable stitch is going to be extremely thick before deciding to use a chunky or super bulky yarn choice.  I’ve added the instructions below and you can also find them on my patterns page under the 2016 sampler afghan we are working on. Just one more note for this stitch because it is a tight weave your gauge may be off more than usual. You may need to knit a swatch or 2 changing yarns or needles until it feels right to you.

Multiple of 4


C4F- Cable 2 in front, k2 then k2 off cable needle.

C4B- Cable 2 in back, k2 then k2 off cable needle.

Row 1 (RS): *C4F; rep from * to end.

Row 2: Purl.

Row 3: K2, *C4B; rep from * to last 2 sts, k2.

Row 4: Purl

I decided to look around and see what patterns I could find that included the woven cable stitch and I was able to find a few some free some not, yet all are spectacular. I also tried to include patterns in all skill levels so there should be something for everyone. If you are looking for Christmas ideas this list of projects is quite nice.

This hat made by Harry Wells is perfect for the guys. Whether you’re a guy or gal knitter you will love that this is not another boring hat for him. Trimmed with the woven cable stitch it’s perfect for those harsh winter days outdoors. Also, I have to say the model here is not bad to look at either :-D, unfortunately, you only get the hat pattern. Both the hat and gloves below can be found on Ravelry.

Harry has also created a matching woven cables fingerless gloves pattern to go with this hat so we all can continue texting friends and catch Pokemon. Now, what’s great about these gloves besides being able to hunt Pokemon is that the pattern is FREE. It’s almost like BOGO, buy one get one free. This would definitely be a great Christmas gift for someone just knit a scarf too and you have a 3 piece set to put under the tree.

So, I found a few more patterns you might like to try with this fun stitch. Since we had a hat and a pair of gloves I thought we needed a scarf. I like this Malabrigo Weave Scarf by Nicole Dupuis in this soft neutral tone with the weave it looks so warm and toasty. Plus this is another FREE pattern from Coco Knits.

relay for life logo

Got Socks? How about these beautiful socks for all the sock knitters. These have great texture throughout and I love how the top allows the woven cable stitch to really show off. Now these are not free, but all proceeds go to benefit Relay for Life Cancer Research which I participate in yearly. Since I’m a 10-year cancer survivor, I highly recommend these and I think they will be my next purchase and sock project.

I’m trying to give you a head to toe option so whatever your knitting abilities may be you can give the woven cable stitch pattern a try. I haven’t forgotten, the sweater lovers out there what about this sweet Children’s Woven Cable Tee by Adeline Too it’s so adorable with the woven stitch around the neckline. I truly love the pink version of this sweater since pink is my favorite color. Still, this design would be perfect in just about any color you can imagine.

Well, I hope you now have a good idea of what the woven cable stitch pattern is good for and found something you would love to knit. The feature photo by Joss Lynn Designs has these fun winter hats for the whole family. They are so colorful in ombre I just love them this pattern is the pint size of the original Mixx pattern. It is worked across 6 stitches rather than 4, but it still has the same desired effect as the woven cable stitch.

I had to add this hat even though it’s a bit similar to Harry’s Hat I like the way the cream stands out against the burnt orange. This hat by Cheryl Andrews comes in six patterns sizes and also has a matching gloves pattern.

Always remember that learning new things and trying new stitches helps keep our minds strong, our hearts happy and our fingers busy. Good Luck!

Please share any of your projects with us either in the comments section below or our facebook page SnugglebuggKnits.

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Happy Knitting !



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