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Joining Seams on Knit Projects

I have recently been knitting a baby sweater and it’s time to stitch up the seams. There are many projects where you will have to join a seam. Blankets of any large size will need seams, any type of clothing needs seams so it’s important to understand the basics of how to join seams on knit projects.

how to join seams on knit projects

When you begin joining stitches in a seam it’s important to match up your sides. The same number of stitches should be equal on both pieces. On two sides that have been bound off you would insert the needle into the top loop on one side then into the bottom loop on the opposite side.

When joining a side seam most instructions are to go under both loops on each side to join. I personally am not a fan of going under both loops. I prefer to go under one loop on each side as if it were the same as two bound off stitches.

How to join seams on knit projects is done with a blunt yarn needle.

The diagram below shows a great example of my preferred method. However, there are a few methods worth knowing.

whip stitch diagram

The video below from Youtube is another example of how to join seams on knit projects. If this video is not to your liking Youtube has plenty of videos to browse through. The diagram above is the method I used on my sweater.

If it helps to pin your pieces together I believe you should do whatever makes it easiest when learning how to join seams on knit projects. Most importantly it helps to keep your project lined up properly. Also, it’s a good idea to start in the arm pit of the sweater and work your way out to each end.

knit baby baseball jacket sweater

However you choose to join your seams, just know that it’s easier than you may think. There are multiple of methods but use the one that is easiest for you as well as the method that gives you the best looking seams. I love this sweater it’s being made for a friend who is a Cincinnati Bengals fan. I had hoped to add the letter ‘B” to it but I didn’t really like how it looked. So maybe I’ll add it on the next project.

Good Luck and Happy Knitting!

Don’t forget to hug your Snugglebugg!





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