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Free Lace Knitting Patterns

So all month long we are going to look at lace knitting patterns and I will showcase some free patterns. This week’s 52-week sampler afghan pattern is the all over floral pattern. A lot like the hyacinths stitch it has flowers all over. I did make an error in trying to show this one on purple so it’s not showing as well as I’d like. I also wanted to remind everyone that square 6 Hearts is a lace pattern and would be great for shawls or blankets.

Hearts Lace stitch

Hearts Square 6

Lace patterns we have learned so far this month with our 52-week sampler afghan are the hyacinths stitch, lace ribbons, and all over floral stitch pattern. Hyacinths and all over floral are really lovely eyelet lace patterns. The lace ribbons is a great pattern for scarves or anything you want the wrong side to look as nice as the right side.

This week I knit this sweet little swing style sweater in Cascade Yarns soft ultra Pima cotton my daughter bought me for my birthday from Knit N Purl in Myrtle Beach. The pattern was a translation from the original and a little difficult to follow. If you are new to knitting I’m not sure I’d recommend this one. It’s not hard, but it’s also not easy to understand when it comes to the sleeves. The pattern is knit from the top down and has a diamond lace pattern. You can download a copy from Ravelry it’s called silver cardigan by Kristiina Temin. Personally, I liked the pink for a little girl so I knit it in a gorgeous pink for my Snugglebugg.

Elizabeth Zimmerman a renowned knitting teacher and designer and author is a must read for anyone wanting to grow as a knitter. She is known for creating the pi lace shawls. I highly recommend her book Knitter’s Almanac where she discusses how to knit a pi shawl among many other knits. There are some really great pi shawls from people who love her on Ravelry. I always jump into projects based on how much I love them regardless of ease. So my first attempt at lace knitting patterns was a pi shawl EZ 100th Anniversary Gull Wings by Mwaa Knit. This lace knitting pattern can be done half or full circle. I did the pi shawl in a full circle the first time, then I knit it in a half shawl which was much easier. You really have to have long circulars for this one the longer the better due to the number of stitches.

lace knitting patterns pi lace shawl

Gull Pi Shawl

For an easy shawl, that’s light and great for summer nights. I thought this shawl would be perfect to add to your free lace knitting patterns and is perfect for beginners who are ready for lace. It’s a typical triangle shawl knit in garter stitch with plenty of holes. The pattern is a Drops pattern and is free you do not have to purchase the yarn or materials.

triangle shawl

Happy Knitting!

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