free christmas ornament knitting patterns

Free Knit Christmas Tree Ornament Patterns

It’s been a crazy busy weekend with all the Christmas decorating, buying the tree, putting up lights, and making bows. My body actually aches at this point. My poor hands are dry and sore from fighting with the Christmas tree, but at least I’m half way done. I still have to finish the outside bows of course it is raining. Typical Murphy’s Law, as soon as you put up decorations it rains. Now it’s time to relax and start knitting some Christmas ornaments. I’ve put together a list of free knit Christmas tree ornament patterns for you to knit and see what you like best.

Tiny Trees at Yarnspirations

free knit Christmas tree ornament patterns

I like these little trees they are so simple but the possibilities are endless. You can add beads, glitter, ribbons just let your imagination run wild.

Quick and Easy Christmas Ornament by Roswitha Mueller on Ravelry

free knit Christmas tree ornament patterns

These little angels are so sweet and simple. They can be done in any color to match your tree. Make one for each child or family member.

Snow Flake  from Snowcatcher by Deborah Atkinson

free knit Christmas tree ornament patterns

This is not one of the free knit Christmas tree ornament patterns it’s crocheted, but it is free. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a snowflake that was knit. I especially love this one because of the hearts in the center. I don’t think a tree is quite right without a snowflake or two.

Mini Christmas Stocking Ornaments at Ravelry by Julie Williams

free knit Christmas tree ornament patterns

Of course, it’s not Christmas without a stocking for everyone in the family. Everyone can have their favorite color or you can be more monochromatic and do them all red and white.

Mitten Ornaments at Redheart

free knit Christmas tree ornament patterns

This is another fun knitting pattern that gives a homey feel. You can easily make a set for each member of the family which is what decorations should be about. Also, try tying them together to make garland for a festive look.

All free knitting is another great site for free knit Christmas tree ornament patterns. Some of the patterns can be used for decorating other areas of the house as well. Be as creative as your imagination allows. These are just a few of my favorite patterns. I especially love how easy they are to embellish.

If you have any free knit Christmas tree ornament patterns that you love, please share with us in the comments section below.

I would encourage you to add some of these ornaments to your tree this year, they will be cherished for many years to come. So get busy Santa’s almost here. I hope each of you will have a safe and happy holiday season with your family and friends.

Happy Holidays

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  1. Where are the patterns? Always the same FREE PATTERNS but you have to go all round the houses and no patterns. I have joined the website but would love to know wher the FREE PATTERNS for the Christmas socks are

    Your help, explanation and free pattern would becaporeciated

    1. This article has the link for the free Christmas stockings all links are within this article above or below the photo.

      Just click the following link or copy and paste it into your browser:
      Links within all blog articles should take you to the pattern you are looking for.

      This is a showcase article. These are not my patterns. Our Free patterns are sent to your email inbox at the beginning of each month.If you would like last years members only patterns I’d be glad to email them as well. Some pattern links to patterns can be found on my patterns page. I hope this was helpful. Thank you.

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