Fun Felted Knitting Patterns/Let’s Play!

Recently, I saw a meme that poignantly said what we all as parents already know about our kids. That if you want you children to show up and to pay attention to what you  have to say or what’s going on in the house there needs to be a massive electrical outage that takes out the internet as well. They will all show up in the same place to find out why nothing works.

That being said and with summer here it’s time to take the beloved family vacation. However, today’s family trips look a lot like home only away from home. Everyone is still plugged into something. I have to say I’m a lot like the Dad from the Griswald Family Vacation movies I want everyone to spend time having fun together whether they like it or not:)

Surf City, NC 2016

I have the luxury of living in a beach town. My family comes from around the country and rents a beach house and we visit with each other (sort of). We mostly tweet and read about how great our trip is with each other as we sit across from each other. Sad really. Over the years I remember camping and power outages with my kids and the best times were when the electricity was out! We lit candles, played games, listened to the radio, talked, told ghost stories, and remembered the good old days. Our memories of yesteryear are being lost forever due to technology.

Luckily, around here I can still count on the occasional hurricane to wipe out our power for a day or week ever year or so. (But, that’s no fun.) So, I thought if you didn’t like the thought of waiting on a hurricane for the lights to go out. You could plan a mock hurricane party with candles, smores, and some board games you knit yourself from these wonderful fun patterns.

smores recipe idea

First, a beloved game for many Mancala. This one may be a challenge however Mancala Mia by Wendy Wonnacott might be perfect for the more seasoned knitter.

Mancala Mia by Wendy Wonnacott

Mancala Mia by Wendy Wonnacott

A few other felted knitting patterns to mix things up a bit! I found a few basic games that are perfect for game night. I thought that the standard games we’ve all come to know and love are a must for every household and game night. Checker’s, chess, and backgammon. Ravelry only had a few listed on their site so I am sharing what I was able to find there. If you know of any other games please share the link with us in the comments section below.  A

A felted backgammon board by Tina Whitmore from Knitty Gritty.

Felted Knitting Patterns

Felt Backgammon Board by Tina Whitmore

Felted Knitting Patterns are everywhere mostly with knit bags/purses. But, I did find a few games and this one I thought was so cute. Looks like checkers but with sheep and a wolf. I’m not familiar with the rules myself, being an American but I am going to learn and teach the Snugglebuggs to play I just can’t resist the idea of the little sheep. I’m sure my friends across the pond will like this one, Sheepy Draughts… and a Wolf Too by  Aurelie Colas . This is also a blanket so it would make a great gift for someone as well.

Sheepy Draughts… and a Wolf Too by Aurelie Colas

Here’s a great little Felted Checkerboard/Chess by IrocKnits Designs I RockKnits!  This is free and would be great for a beginner to test their skills on felting. I plan on discussing more felting over the next few articles and we will talk felt bags soon too:)

Felted Checkerboard Chessboard by Irocknits Designs

Felted Checkerboard Chessboard by Irocknits Designs

For those who really need to get out of the house and want to try something for the outdoors with their felted knitting patterns how about a felted frisbee?

Felted Frisbee by Mighty Peanut 2

Felted Frisbee by Mighty Peanut 2 (Before)

Felted Frisbee by Mighty Peanut

Felted Frisbee by Mighty Peanut (after)

Well, I hope you found these fun and after you get one or two finished plan a night of fun with the family. Get some popcorn, and smores and pull the plug on the lights and the internet. No one needs to know you were the one that made it happen. As mom’s and dad’s sometimes we have to make the memories and moments happen! Time passes all too fast.

The Snugglebugg Clan at Surf City North Carolina 2013ish?

The Snugglebugg Clan at Surf City North Carolina 2013ish?

Where ever you spend your summer whether near or far look up from the idiot boxes we surround ourselves with in all shapes in sizes and connect with the people who truly are your friends and family! God Bless! Have a safe and Happy 4th of July!!

Happy Knitting!

*Snugglebugg Knits Yarns have great discount prices on all their yarns perfect for felting in wool and alpaca.










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