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So it’s that time of year when the world falls in love with Christmas Stockings, especially for knitters and crocheters. I have knit stockings for sale and for others, but this year I decided to design and knit one for my Snugglebuggs. However, the choices of what type to make are endless. So, I thought we would talk about how to design knit Christmas stockings.

knitting & designing Christmas Stockings

Knitting & Designing Christmas Stockings

Yesterday, I started early with the idea that I would knit up a stocking or two for my babies. Little did I know that by the time it was dark outside I would have only accomplished 3 rows. It seems to work out that way sometimes. No, I did not only knit 3 rows. I knit the entire cuff twice and then decided I would start over with some sketches of what I’d like to add to her stocking.

Your creative lifestyle awaits

Yes, you are right I was not doing a plain red and white stocking. There are so many stockings out there to choose from. Solids, stripes, Scandinavian, color work of all types. So how do we choose? Personally, I love all of them which makes it really hard to decide on just one.

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Of course I wanted the two stockings to match, but have some subtle differences. As I sat staring at the fireplace decor and color scheme of my decorations, I realized an off white would be better than true white. I also wanted to add their names, which is easy if their names only had 3 or 4 letters, but my Snugglebuggs have long names. (LOL)

OK, There are 5 areas to know about when learning how to knit Christmas stockings.

  • cuff
  • leg pattern
  • heel
  • gusset
  • toe

Basically, it’s the same as when knitting socks only super large.


So many choices about the size to cast on and what color do you use, do you add a name etc. The stocking below is my current WIP. I chose to do the Latvian braid, since I had never done it before. I’ve included a video at the bottom of this article in case you’d like to learn how it’s done. I love this look and it may be the reason it took so long to get started. (LOL) I am also adding a name to the cuff area. The picture under the leg section of this article has a cuff done in 2 shades of green and picots at the top. You could do it solid or in any two colors.

how to knit Christmas stockings


This is where you will do a lot of the pattern designs if you choose any. Usually, when reading a sock or stocking pattern this is where the graph reading comes in to make all the colorful designs throughout the body of the stocking. The leg can be as long as you want it to be within reason. The leg section is a  great place to add different pics like Santa, trees, reindeer, snowflakes, stars and hearts. Whatever you can imagine.

knit stocking let pattern


When learning how to knit Christmas stockings the heel is where a lot of people get nervous. You have to just go slow and pay close attention to the instructions. You can do it. My motto: “How hard can it be?” It can be a little tricky depending on the instructions. Some patterns when done right are easy to read and understand. However, a lot of people who understand knitting and make their own patterns are not always the best at explaining to the novice. Please, don’t give up if you have a little trouble, keep trying to find a clear and easy to follow pattern.

knit Christmas stocking hell


This is the area on the bottom and top of the foot. The stocking below continues with more patterns. Which is read off another graph pattern specifically for this area. You can look around to find inspiration in your surroundings and in other stockings. Cross stitch is a great place to find pics to incorporate into your stockings.

Christmas stocking gusset

It’s especially important to be careful not to develop a hole during the transitions from the heel to gusset.


The toe is the end of the sock where we decrease to close the stocking up. This is where the majority of the decreasing happens. So be prepared by having some double pointed needles on hand in the same size as the circular needles you’ve been using. Close the toe off and Voilá you have a stocking!

Christmas stocking toe

Stockings can be as creative as your imagination allows. Get a pen and paper and design it on paper. Browse through Pinterest and really look at the designs to see what you like then come up with an original of your own.

When I learned how to knit Christmas stockings, the stocking you see throughout this article was my first. It’s structurally easy though the color work not so much but I love a challenge. This is an extremely large stocking and great for a lot of toys. I should have lined it and I most definitely will be lining all my stockings in the future.

600 X 160 no expiration date

The stocking above is from Ravelry by General Hogbuffer called Ho, Ho, Ho. If you are intimidated with all the color work try it in solid blocks of color. It’s a fantastic size and I loved it. Also, give the Latvian braid a try on another stocking, it’s fun and colorful. I’ve included a video from WEBS Yarn.

Happy Knitting!

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