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Find the perfect Children’s Knit Sweater Patterns 

With winter just around the corner, you may want some new children’s knit sweater patterns to choose from for your munchkins. I pulled together some great patterns for you to check out and find the perfect gift to knit for the holidays.

The absolutely gorgeous Bloomsbury Kids by Svetlana Volkova is to die for in my opinion. I most definitely am making this sweater for my niece. The front has a simple stockinette pattern while the arms and back have this beautiful lace design. I’m in love! The pattern comes in a multitude of sizes from 6 months all the way up to 8 years. The pattern runs $6 however, they offer a 20% discount if you purchase both the Bloomsbury and the Bloomsbury Kids patterns. Then you can do mother daughter sweaters!

A beautiful winter pullover by Dale Design is perfect for boys age 2-12 years old. Knit with fingering weight wool for those really cold winters. This pattern is available digitally in an E-book with 5 patterns for 12.95 not, a bad deal if you ask me.

Patons has put together this cabled knit cardigan perfect for a boy or girl as seen in this sweet photo. Pattern sizes range from 6 months to 4 years. The pattern uses worsted yarn and the girl’s cable hoodie includes the embroidered flowers. The best part, of course, is this one’s FREE!

How cute is this little girl wearing The Little Tourist Poncho by Jenni Lansing? I love it in this neutral winter white. The sweater is a tunic length poncho style design with plenty of room for them to move in. Great for adding layers underneath. The pattern sizes range from 3 months to 10 years old and it runs $5 bucks.

Everyone needs a sweater vest for their wardrobe. This cute Mooses Argyle Vest by Dabu Berg is a perfect addition to your kids closet. With the argyle design across the front, it is an intermediate knit pattern. The pattern costs $5 and sizes are 2T-5T.

Haven’t seen what you’re looking for yet? Check out the next five children’s knit sweater patterns below. Now all you need is the yarn, your needles and a cup of tea.

Are you looking for a quick knit sweater? Then give this Puddle Duck by Melissa Schaschwary a shot. The pattern is simple but with some added style design making it simple but not boring. Sizes range from 2T-12 and is an average knit worked with worsted wool. How much you say just $6 for this easy knit project.

Ready for a fabulous FREEBIE? Then try this classic stylish sweater with elbow patches or not it’s up to you. Either way, this sweater will look great in any color combo. Worked in Dk weight wool the pattern comes in sizes 2-10. The best part is it’s free!

As much as I like knitting with lace weight yarns a lot of knitters prefer chunky yarn. So Phoebes Sweater by Joanna Johnson will be perfect for chunky yarn lovers. The sweater has a whole story behind it literally. The sweater is included with a storybook about Phoebe mouse and becoming a big sister. The book Phoebe’s Sweater can be purchased on amazon and you get this pattern and the mouse pattern which fits most dolls. The pattern alone is $6 but if you want all 3 patterns this sweater, Phoebe the mouse and the sweater pattern for Phoebe the E-book is just $9 dollars. The child’s sweater sizes are for ages 2, 4, & 6. Definitely, the perfect something to read and something they need a combo for Christmas gift. (You can get this E-book free with an Amazon Prime membership.)

Here’s an Icelandic design called Kambur by Vedis Jonsdottir for Istex. Sizes for this beautiful sweater are 1-4 years old. You can also get the matching hat and for the adult, in your home, there’s a cardigan version available. It’s an intermediate knit with 70/30 wool/nylon Aran yarn. The pattern runs just $6.50 for the English version. It comes free for sizes 1-12 years old in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, and German.

With this elegant cardigan Linnea by Sanne Bjerregaard, the pattern is actually a two for one deal. You can knit this long sleeve cardigan or if you rather there’s a short sleeve vest type version. The pattern sizes range from 18 months to 12 years old. The sweater is and intermediate knit and runs $9. The design is knit from the top down with sleeves worked on double pointed needles for a seamless design. The cables are fake worked by slipped stitches making it easy to remember.


Well, there you have it 10 beautifully designed children’s knit sweater patterns for you to choose from. SnugglebuggKnits is in no way compensated for showcasing these sweaters. I have chosen them strictly based on my personal love for knitting and the beautiful designs of each sweater. I truly hope you found a new pattern to knit this winter for your Snugglebugg.

Happy Knitting!

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