brioche knitting                                                                                                                           photo by: distelfliege

Brioche Knitting is a wonderful stitch to understand. The fabric is so thick, stretchy and reversible with the 2-color brioche being so beautiful it’s a must for any knitter. Brioche is definitely worth learning to knit.

Brioche Knitting

  • Brioche fabric is super lofty, thick and squishy.
  • Reversible fabric
  • Uses twice as much yarn
  • Stretchy, widely ribbed fabric

Reading your fabric

Counting your stitches and rows should always be done carefully. When counting stitches across always count columns (hills & valleys) across a completed row of knit stitches. When counting your rows 2 worked rows equal one completed row. So count the completed knit stitches up the column to get an accurate row count.

brioche knitting

Gauge is best measured by the more you knit the better idea you will have of what the gauge should be. Brioche gauge tends to have less stitches, but more rows compared to stockinette. Example: worsted yarn stockinette gauge is 17 sts & 23 rows = 4″ with brioche knitting 9 sts & 31 rows = 4″.

When measuring use a ruler placed in the middle of your fabric do not push down on fabric or your gauge will be wrong.


If you make a mistake and need to go back a few rows. Do not rip out the work. It’s best to go back one stitch at a time. This is the reason it’s a good idea to place a safety line of thread to protect your work in case you do need to remove a lot of rows.

If you must rip out several rows stop just above the row you want to be on and take out one stitch at a time. You will be picking up regular stitches as well as stitches with yarn overs so pay careful attention.

Casting On & Binding Off:

Remember this fabric is stretchy so we want to do a very loose cast on. If you use the long tail cast on it’s a good idea to cast on over 2 or 3 needles to give you the extra yarn for stretching. Then you can use the Elizabeth Zimmerman’s sewn bind off. A very clean looking cast on is the Italian cast on and bind off they provide stretch and have a neater edge. The Italian bind off can also be referred to as the k1, p1 bind off, kitchner’s rib bind off, or the invisible bind off.

Below is a video of how to do the Elizabeth Zimmerman Sewn Bind Off. I believe all knitters should have this in their arsenal of stitches.

Brioche Increases & Decreases

To maintain the integrity of the brioche fabric both increases and decreases need to be worked in pairs.

Brioche Crossing Stitches

To get that cable or diagonal line you will need to cross stitches either over, next to, or on top of each other. For a continuous small cable line the stitches are crossed over each other.


Brioche knitting abbreviations were adapted by Nancy Marchant I highly recommend her site Brioche Stitch. It’s easy to follow and explains all the abbreviations as well as everything about brioche. Wonderful pictures and diagrams to help you along your brioche journey.

2 Color Brioche

This video shows the 2-Color Italian Cast On

This video shows the 2-Color Brioche Stitch a slightly different way to get started with 2 colors than the Italian Cast On.

For those who are ready to try a brioche pattern here is a bright colorful cowl to knit. Stop and start as much as you need to follow along until you have the swing of knitting brioche.

Brioche Knitting  “Knit with eliZZZa” Rainbow Cowl Pattern Video by nadelspiel * Stricken & Häkeln mit eliZZZa from Knitaholics facebook group.

All month and throughout the year, we will be learning new brioche stitches. Next week we will knit a half brioche square. Plus, I have added an Irish square this week in the 52-week sampler afghan with the Enniskerry Cable. It’s just a pretty cable to add to a scarf or sweater.

Enniskerry Cable Knit Square

I’ve also been having some fun with some St Patrick’s Day bows and Spring time bows. I’ve added the pattern for these as well if you want to make them for your Snugglebuggs!

Knit Cotton Hair bow headband

St Patrick's Day Knit Bows

Knit hair bow headband

Happy Knitting!

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