knit Christmas stocking

“The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.”
– A Visit From Saint Nicholas


Well it’s just 3 days until Christmas and I managed to get Silly Sally’s Christmas stocking finished. I honestly didn’t plan for it to take so long, however my creative side was fighting over every decision. If there was enough time I would start over. Oh well, there is something to be said for deadlines.

Legend of the Christmas Stocking

So all this talk about stockings got me to thinking about how the Christmas stocking came to be. According to the Smithsonian one very popular story goes something like this: The father of 3 girls was quite poor and he was afraid his daughters would never marry because they had no dowry. Saint Nicholas knowing the father would not accept charity, slid down the chimney and left gold coins in each of the girls stockings as they dried by the fire place. The next morning the girls were so happy and now they were eligible to wed.

SnugglebuggKnits ladiesWhat did Santa leave in your Christmas stocking? Did you ever get an orange or nuts and candy? According to legend instead of gold coins St. Nicholas left 3 gold balls in the girls stockings. So the orange is supposed to be representative of those gold balls. Personally, I believe it’s from when fruit was not that easy to get. If you got an orange for Christmas it was a real treat.

What type of stocking stuffers do you put in your children’s stockings? One tradition my family had was to go to my grandmother’s on Christmas Eve. Each year Santa would come and give all of us kids a paper bag filled with an orange, nuts, and hard candy. I’m so thankful for those memories. I realize it’s my turn to continue the tradition and create memories for my own Snugglebuggs. So yes, there always is an orange in the stockings. My other set of grand-parents lived in Florida and each year they would send a box of oranges to us. I loved it so much, Christmas is not the same with out that fruit.

I guess the moral of this story is; the next generation may not think these traditions matter, but just wait and see one day your Snugglebuggs will also remember how Grandma used to always put an orange in their stocking and they too will pass it on to their kids. I knit this stocking knowing that I will not always be here. I want to leave something behind. Something they will look at and know I poured my heart and love for them into every stitch. There’s no time better than Christmas to knit a memory!

Merry Christmas from My Snugglebuggs to Yours!


CJ Davis 1969

In memory of my mother Delores & grandmother Violet.

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