Linen Stitch Knitting Patterns

12 Colorful Linen Stitch Knitting Patterns

The first stitch this month in the 52-week sampler afghan is the linen stitch. I believe this is a must for every knitter. I haven’t used it much, but it creates a tight woven fabric that can be used for just about anything. So I thought I’d do some research and find some linen stitch knitting patterns for all of us to sample. Be aware that there is also a crochet version of this stitch in case you are looking on Pinterest or other sites.






If you will take a close look at the photo of the fabric I knit up. The linen stitch is a mock weave design. It is a tight fabric that is a combination of knit, purl and slip stitches that give a tight woven fabric. Be prepared for knitting this to take longer than a lot of your projects. Is it hard?? No! But, because of the tight weave, it takes a little longer to finish the fabric due to its tight design. The wrong side of the linen stitch knitting patterns really looks nice as well with its bumpy purl look which is perfect for reversible patterns.
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To jump right in with my first choice are these absolutely adorable little leggings. They are so colorful I love how the artist has matched the pants with a shirt she bought and she has some other designs with this stitch I love also. It is not free but I think they are worth every penny.

My 2nd choice has got to be this cute little change purse. The designer shows it in a beautiful sunrise color and this aqua tone. I thought this color looks like my ocean. I truly had trouble choosing which color to show you but follow the link and you will see why they are both gorgeous.

I think I really didn’t appreciate how beautiful this fabric is until are started seeing all the colors in the projects I found. So many knits are solid and blocks of color but this is a fun stitch that mimics weaving all those fun colors we see in rugs and ponchos. There were endless scarves, cowls, and wraps so below are some fun colorful options. I tried to pick something for everyone. The next 3 cowls and scarves are quite colorful.

More Linen Stitch Knitting Patterns…






If you are a naturalist and bright colors make you a little apprehensive this ombre cowl or these color block wraps in solid colors of your choice may be more comforting. This stitch is perfect for reversible patterns and gives a mock woven look that’s great whether you are in bold colors or soft solids.

Linen Stitch Color Block Wrap by Purl Soho

linen stitch colorblock wrap by purl soho

Linen Stitch Color Block Wrap by Purl Soho




I just love this sweater and matching hat for especially done in these sunrise colors. This stitch just lends itself to such perfection. So I thought this sweater set could use these matching linen stitch booties just use the same color for all three and voila the perfect baby gift set.


Remember the linen stitch is a combination of knit, purl, and slip stitches. It’s a super easy pattern to learn. Just remember slip stitches should be slipped in the purl direction unless specifically told otherwise. You can practice this weeks square in the 52-week sampler afghan.

For a more creative project I thought this jacket would be perfect. These colors are so pretty but any color you like would make this a great sweater jacket to knit.

Here are 2 more patterns from Mollie Bilderback who I listed in the beginning of this article. I think these are so cute and perfect for a boy or a girl.

Silly Lil Linen Stitch overalls by Mollie Bilderback

Silly Li'l Linen Stitch Overalls (dress) by Mollie Bilderback

Silly Lil Linen Stitch overalls by Mollie Bilderback


Last, but not least and probably my favorite are these place mats and table runners that are perfect for summer decorating. I hope you will find something here you want to try. I do want to say that Ravelry has so many more linen stitch knitting patterns to try.

With school ending and summer vacation fun starting for everyone I too thought it would be good to take a mini hiatus. I went to my daughter’s and son-n-law’s to house sit and dog sit while they were away for Memorial/birthday weekend. I hate taking time off because it’s so hard to get back to work. I managed to injure my knee and well Zeus is the size of a small horse so I always end up with bruises. He’s still such a sweetie. I did get a little knitting done while he napped.

graceful leaves lace knit shawl and sleeping dog

(Left) Happy Birthday to both my daughter and her husband!

(Right) Zeus & graceful leaves lace shawl.




Happy Knitting!

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