Baby Bunnies

Baby Bunnies

Spring Time Easter Knits and Crochet

Spring time is the perfect time to transition from knitting and crocheting warm winter hats and scarves to those light spring time Easter knits and crochet items that make us shake off the staleness of winter and welcome the lazy days of summer.

spring time Easter knits and crochet

This is the best time to take advantage of craft store sales. They are all clearing out the bulky yarns and dark colors for light weight yarns, cotton threads, and bright sunny colors. With today’s modern convenience’s like a/c we can continue to work with heavy, chunky wools to get a head start on all those winter gifts, hats, and scarves. Now that it’s getting warm visit your local craft store to take advantage of the great prices on all that winter wool, to use now or later. Jump into spring with some new summer cotton yarn or thread for all those lacey projects waiting for you to begin.

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With March being the beginning of Spring and Easter coming early this year it’s the perfect time to try some spring time Easter knits and crochet. Like the crocheted Easter basket above some cute knit eggs or sweet peeps. With this great little Easter basket and flower accent by Vicky Sedgwick. 

Peter Cottontail Knitting ChartMy Peter Cottontail chart is great for sweaters or blankets and is free when you sign up for the monthly newsletter. Bunny hats and toys are all the rage. The knit Easter Eggs by Linda Dawkins are a great addition to your Easter decorations and look perfect in your crocheted Easter basket.

knit Easter eggs

With spring fever getting to so many of us who have had cabin fever for so long. It feels so good to break out the hot colors of summer with the yellows, whites, pinks and reds. As I have mentioned in previous articles I love to do both, knit and crochet. I do have specific times that I prefer crochet to knitting and I think the warmer months are great to explore crocheting. There is so much more you can do with crochet than make granny squares. Like this Easter Lily by Tamara Kelly. Flowers of all types are great this time of year.

Easter Lily

Springtime Easter knits and crochet is just the beginning of all the warm seasonal projects you can try. Living at the beach I love to make sun hats, lace shawls, and beach cover-ups.  All I have to do is look outside and I’m inspired by the daffodils, pear trees, and azaleas blooming in my yard. Crochet some flowers and hair accessories or knit a lacey shawl. Babies are year round (LOL) so go light and lacey with their baby blankets, bonnets, and booties.

crochet bunny hat and diaper cover

This bunny hat was made following Sarah Zimmerman’s Bunny hat pattern along with the cute bunny tail diaper cover in the infant photo above.

crochet bunny hat

Or, knit this lovely Easter bunny baby hat by Karen Shines.Easter bunny baby hat

Amigurumi is a great craft to experiment with during the summer. Making all those cute little animals for your Snugglebuggs. I made this bunny a couple years ago and it’s a little harder than you think, yet it’s such a wonderful challenge. This cute spring bunny by Stephanie Jessica Lau’s Spring Bunnies pattern is undeniably irresistible.

Spring amigurumi bunnies

This was my attempt at amigurumi and I think he’s so cute. He’s not perfect enough for me, but not bad for the first time. However, with a little practice, I might just get the hang of it. Certainly these cute bunnies are made with love.

spring time Easter knits & crochetSun Hats for the beach are so important to protect you and your baby’s skin. These are fun to make and perfect for you and your Snugglebugg.

Sun hat on mom and childThis cloche hat is beautiful whether plain or with flowers. This one in yellow is perfect for spring, Hat “Sun, sun, sun” by Galina Shemchuk, it happens to be in Russian, but definitely worth translating.

Sun Hat

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I made these cloche hats last year for my niece and really loved the way they turned out. I used a cotton yarn which was a little heavier than the cotton threads making it very sturdy.

cloche cotton sun hatCrocheting lace projects may be a bit easier for some than knitting lace projects. I personally love to knit lace shawls it’s such creative challenge.  A shawl is perfect for cool summer nights walking on the beach and can be knit or crocheted. Why not make one of each?Spring time knits and crochetThis weeks square in the 52-week sampler afghan gives us the best of both worlds. It is done in this bright sunny yellow for spring, but it is a broken brioche rib. This is still thick for the colder days still remaining for many parts of the country. It’s super stretchy and helps bring the sunshine indoors. syncopated/broken brioche ribI hope you will try some cotton yarn or thread for your spring time Easter knits and crochet. Make some flowers, a sun hat, shawl or baby bunnies. Whatever you can imagine. Try some summer lovin’ fun with cotton. Enjoy this spring with all the flowers and sunny days ahead before it’s time to start on all those heavy wools again.


Have a Blessed and fun holiday weekend with your Snugglebuggs, Easter egg hunts, and beautiful knits!


Happy Easter from our Snugglebuggs to yours!Snugglebugg Knits

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