wedding lace veil knit pattern
heart shaped shawl

Heart-Trillian Lintilla Variante by Neva Cat

 Lace Shawl Patterns

All month we’ve been talking about lace knitting. Most of the patterns from each square have been about eyelet lace.  Shawls can be simple squares, rectangles, triangles or semi-circles. They can be more fancy circles, swirls, heart-shaped, or hexagons. Each style can be simple or have intricate motif designs throughout. I’ve searched and listed some beautiful lace designs. So, find your favorite and give one of these free knit lace shawl patterns a try.

wedding lace veil knit pattern

Wedding Peacock Pattern by MMario knit & beaded by Rick Martin and modeled by his daughter at her wedding.

A rectangle is a nice simple shape referred to as a stole or wrap and an easy shape for beginners to try lace. So I’ve searched for some different designs for you to try. I’ve chosen 10 rectangle shaped wraps starting with a couple of easier ones with heavier yarn and easier patterns. Gradually moving to more difficult lace designs. Be aware that the last pattern Heirloom is intricate and is not the norm may be extremely difficult. If you are a beginner this one is not for you.

Chevron Shawl by Bernat design studio

Chevron Shawl by Bernat design studio


When most people think of a shawl they think of the typical triangle shape. This is a favorite next to the stole. I tried to choose some simpler patterns but truly I just fall in love with the laciness.  I’ve also noticed that I really love white more than any other color. It’s just so elegant.

156-2 First Frost by DROPS design

156-2 First Frost by DROPS design

The semi-circle stole is another very popular and obvious choice in lace shawl patterns. I’ve pulled together some half moons for you to try I hope there is one for your level of experience.

Flower Girls Shawl by CaseyAnn Michael

Flower Girls Shawl by CaseyAnn Michael

It’s much more uncommon to see  a full circle or Pi shawl. A lot of these lace shawls are used for other reasons such as table cloths, but they truly are works of art and are gorgeous to fold down and wear. I hope you love these and find the perfect lace shawl patterns to try. These are going to take long circular needles to hold the many stitches. They are also going to be difficult to see your mistakes so attempt these at your own risk. However, isn’t a challenge fun? Plus, they are so beautiful.

Lace shawl patterns

Firmaments Lace Shawl by Bonnie Sennott


So, what else could we possibly add to our collection? How about a square shawl perfect for using as a baby blanket or fold into a triangle for a heavier shawl for cooler nights. I’ve found a few you might like from Ravelry where I’ve found all these patterns.

Crown Prince Square Shawl by Nancy Bush

Crown Prince Square Shawl by Nancy Bush

Wraps come in all styles, lace gives an elegant and traditional flair to any occasion. These shawls would be perfect for weddings, proms, date nights, christenings, and so much more. There are different types of shawls I have given you 8 styles to choose from. To conclude rectangles, triangles, semi-circles, circles, squares, heart shapes, swirls, and hexagon shapes.

Hexagon-170-12 Spring Splendor by DROPS design

170-12 Spring Splendor by DROPS design

To read and learn more about knitting lace shawls I highly recommend you read Free Shawl Knitting Cheat Sheet . I hope you saw a pattern you would like to try. All of these patterns came from Ravelry. I urge you to check them out they are easy to download and all are free.

52-Week Sampler Afghan

The squares for the month of April.


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  1. The photo at the top is “Wedding Peacock”, designed by MMario, knit & beaded by Rick Martin and modeled by his daughter at her wedding

    1. It is so beautiful I have it in the article with the credit given to you and a link to your pattern. I hope you do not mind. I’m a huge fan of all your patterns.

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