pink ribbon mammogram dishcloth

This Pink Ribbon washcloth by Donna Burgess is great for beginners and can be found on Ravelry‘s website. Ravelry is loaded with tons of patterns and it’s a great resource to have in your arsenal. You could even make a bunch of these squares and turn them into a blanket for someone special. The perfect reminder of why you need a mammogram.



Time For a Mammogram, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

According to the American Cancer Society, 1 out of 8 women, in the United States, will get breast cancer in their life. Wow! Think about that, if you have 8 girl friends one will get breast cancer. I really hate those odds.

  • 231,840 of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed this year!
  • 60,290 cases of the non invasive type of breast cancer will be diagnosed this year!

Now I know this has nothing to do with knitting, but I feel it’s so important to tell you how easy and painless it is to get. So, today I had my second. For those who have never had a mammogram let me walk you through my experience.

I signed in and took care of that insurance stuff, that’s the scariest part (lol). I was then taken to another waiting room, where I waited patiently for someone to come for me. When the door finally opened a cute young lady came out and showed me to the changing room.

The best part about changing, you only have to remove your shirt and bra. Then, I put on that fun gown they gave me. But this one gets to tie in the front. I walked into the next room where the mammogram machine and 2 technicians waited for me. First thing I said was, “I bet you love this job”. (Oh how we laughed) I was hoping to relieve the tension that’s something I tend to do, but it was more for them than me. They both looked like they were my daughter’s age.

Now the real fun begins, the tech then asked me to stand in front of the mammogram machine. Where there is a shelf for my boob to sit on. I could say breast, if you’d rather, but it’s more fun to just say boob. The young lady, ever so gently, puts my boob up on the shelf. She then begins to pull it until its in the perfect spot. God love her, she was so nervous and trying so hard to be gentle.

Once in the proper position there’s another shelf, made of glass, that comes down and smashes my breast like a pancake. I know everyone’s wondering if it hurts. No, it didn’t hurt! The tech snapped the pic and then on to boob number two. By this time, I thought it necessary to offer her a little help. So I plopped my left boob up on the shelf and said, “Don’t worry hun, you can’t hurt them”.

Then 2 more pics on each one, sideways and we were done. (Easy, Peasy) Then I got dressed and the techs told me when to follow up with my doctor. I even got a free pink chap stick.

  • Reason 3 to get a mammogram, 40,290 women will die this year from breast cancer!

A test that takes 5 minutes could save your life. I think my life’s worth that 5 minutes, how about you? Really, it’s painless and so easy to do. Take it from a cancer survivor it’s easier to do an ounce of prevention than dealing with it after the fact.

To learn more about breast cancer please go to the American Cancer Society‘s web site. The following video is a funny video about getting a mammogram. I hope you like it.

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