25 Knit Christmas Stocking Patterns this Season

The Holidays are upon us and its time to think of decorating your mantle. I’ve put together 25 knit Christmas Stocking Patterns for you to choose from. A variety of knit patterns from the whimsy to the traditional all for Santa to leave presents for nice little boys and girls.

25 Knit Christmas Stocking Patterns

First up are these oh so fun whimsical stockings in their funky colors and designs. I just love these. They go really well with the modern new decors, white trees, and are so refreshing. So, you ask what do I get? Kristin Nicholas has put together 6 patterns in 4 different sizes. A simple stripe, solid, and fair isle knitting for both beginners and intermediate knitters. You also get instructions on how to design your own stocking which includes 24 extra charts. This one isn’t cheap but you get a lot of bang for your buck. It’s $12 and you can get really creative. I really think the kids will love Kristin’s Creative Christmas Stockings by Kristin Nicholas.

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This Spider in the Roses Christmas Stocking by Denise Balvanz is gorgeous with this pine green and cream fair isle. This pattern was inspired by a trip Denise made to Norway and the knitting from Selbu. This Christmas stocking incorporates a variation of “spider in the bough” with scroll work both at the top of the stocking and the toe. It’s an average knit and the pattern runs $6 but you can get a set of 3 for $13.50 which is the best deal.

Who doesn’t remember mom and dad wearing argyle socks? I love this Snazzy Argyles by Linda Daniels it really reminds me of my Mom. This one is classy and beautiful the errors have been fixed and best of all it’s FREE!

A simple and yet beautiful stocking. This Jumbo Christmas Stocking in a Jiffy Striped by Jennifer Jackson will knit up fast worked on jumbo needles with any super bulky yarn you could make some for the whole family. The pattern is easy for the average knitter and again another great FREEBIE!

These Pottery Barn Cable Inspired Stockings by Picket Fence Knits can be knit in any color yarn and with any yarn you choose at half the cost. The pattern is just $5 and you can replicate your very own PB stockings. They are knit top down with a cable detail. The stocking measures 5.5 inches wide and 18.5″ long.

Well, Christmas wouldn’t be right without a Santa inspired stocking so here’s a goody. This Santa’s Favorite Christmas Stocking by Janet Jameson is trimmed in fur and has a buckle. This stocking reminds all of us of Santa Claus. It’s 24 inches long and the pattern runs $4.99.

Knit Christmas Stocking by Sugar Baby Knits has brought us this traditional stocking that’s truly fun to knit around the fireplace. The pattern is $6 and is for the average knitter.

The Holiday Evergreen Christmas Stocking by Annies Woolens is a country (ish) style stocking. It’s beautiful and they have a lot of other designs to choose from. The beauty of this one is if you are someone who loves a kit you can get this one as a kit. However, the pattern is available for just $7 and you can just put your own creative colorful spin on it. The pattern does include personalization charts. The size of the stocking is 8.5″ x 14″.

This HOHOHO by General Hogbuffer was one of the first stockings I knit and I love it. It’s so classy and colorful. I love the elegant reindeer. The charts are beautiful and easy to follow the stocking was really large with  worsted yarn and the best part FREEEEEEE!

If you have a J.R.R. Tolkien fan in your family or you just love the Lord of the Ring movies you are going to love these stockings Firstborn Elvish Christmas Stockings by Lorna Pearman. Apparently, elves were the Firstborn, the first of the races of the Children of Iluvatar, who awoke in J. R. R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth a millennium before the Aftercomers. Distinguished from Men and Dwarves, they possessed near immortality. So you may want to knit some for your munchkins. I just think this is so charming. The stocking size is 18″ and the pattern is $5.


To step away from the typical red, white, and green these blue and white with snowflakes are elegant. They are simple not overly complicated and if you wanted to do them in red and white you could. The pattern runs just 3.99 skills are average so why not try this Drifting Snowflake Stocking by Marinda Lariz.

The Holiday Swirled Stocking by Galina Carroll gives us a little whimsy with a little tradition. This is knit in stockinette with chunky yarn just add your little one’s name and some goodies from Santa and hang by the fireplace. It’s for the average knitter and the patterns FREE!

With this one, we have a Christmas stocking pattern and Christmas Socks by Beth Brown Reinsel. The wearable socks pattern comes in S,M,L and the stocking comes in XS. All are worked in the round. The pattern cost $7 but you get socks and a stocking Yeahhhh!

I truly like these old fashioned looking stockings. I want so much to make these for my Snugglebuggs. This Hearthwarming Stocking by Kerin Dimeler Laurence has truly captured time with these little stockings. You can mix and match to create an assortment of personalized stockings for your whole family with this pattern. Choose from 20 colorwork charts then pick a gingham or poinsettia motif for the main pattern. A completed alphabet chart is added so you can add a monogram for each member of your family. The stocking measures 16″ around and 18″ long. The pattern cost just 4.99 a real deal.

This truly is an Heirloom Christmas stocking by Amy Johnson. I love how old fashioned it looks with the cowboys, drums, and the camels. The cost is just $4.99 truly worth it if you want to bring back a bit of yesterday and your own childhood.

A classic Christmas Argyle by Judy Tollefson design gives this stocking a comfortable look with snowflakes knitted into the cuff and the foot. You can also choose to add your initials to the heel which is a little different. The stocking is 20″ x 7″ and the cost is $7.

Another cabled stocking in a cream colored yarn is this Chunky Cabled Stocking by Krystina Marie it’s so country. I love the added hanging initials to add bling and color. It’s knit with a super bulky yarn and a mock cable is added so don’t panic if you are not familiar. The best part it’s FREE!

I love how this stocking has a fresh look at knit Christmas stocking patterns by adding more blue and white to the olive and rust reds giving this a fresh feel. The Hearts Trees Stocking by Mimi Kezer runs $6 for the one stocking but can be purchased as a set for $9.

The Candy Cane Christmas Stocking by Judy Tollefson is a must have if you are looking for a variety of styles. The stocking is 20″ x 7″ and the pattern cost $7. I think these look good enough to eat.

Let it Snow, let it snow, let it snow with this stocking you can’t help but feel cheery while the snow is falling. This is knit with DK weight yarn in stockinette and the pattern Christmas Stockings with Red and White Snowflakes by Erssie is FREE.

This Falling Snow Stocking by Jennifer Hoel is such a bargain. It’s truly a beautiful pattern. I made this last year for my Snugglebugg and incorporated her name into it, but it has so much going on it truly is a great pattern. The best part it’s FREE! It has a braided brim and I just can’t say enough about how much I love this stocking.

These 3 stockings are a collection for a new mom, dad, and new baby you get the pattern for all 3 for just $9.99. The patterns are quite intricate so not bad for the details involved with this one. The stockings measure 7″ x 24″. The pattern includes 29 pages of instructions and charts with the alphabet for you to add any name you choose. You can also turn these into real socks. So have fun with A Collection of Three Christmas Stockings by Doreen Delaney Giord this is definitely worth the buy.

If you’re tired of the typical striped stocking how about this Chevron Design Stocking by Cindy Steinberg? The pattern runs just $4.75 the stocking size is 5.5″ x 23″ long. It’s stockinette and fun and colorful. Just choose your colors and get to knitting.

Mr. Kringles Stocking by DROPS design is a great FREEBIE it’s absolutely beautiful with the red and white snowflakes all over.

Our last stocking in the 25 knit Christmas stocking patterns is this Cable Knit Stocking by Mary Jane Protus done in ivory with a deep red cuff and pom poms it’s a classic. Guess what it’s FREE!


So I hope you found a stocking that fits your budget and your style this holiday season. Get busy and knit your Snugglebuggs a Christmas stocking and have a very Merry Christmas!

Happy Knitting!



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