Knit a Sampler Afghan

I hope everyone’s Year has started out on a good note. Mine has been quite nice I am so very blessed. I enjoyed the holidays with all my family and Snugglebuggs. This year, I thought a great way to learn new stitches and try techniques would be to knit a¬†sampler afghan.¬†

2016’s Knit a Sampler Afghan in 52 Weeks

Each week I will post a new square for our 2016’s afghan. There will be 50 squares and one border and one lace trim to finish it off, a total of 52 weeks.

Knit a sampler afghan 2016

Our first square in the sampler blanket is, of course, a “2016″ sampler square. I will provide written instructions for you to follow on how to knit a sampler afghan. Each week I will post a new square with a link to the instructions. You can use any color scheme you like for your blanket. Colors should blend, or compliment each other for your blanket to look its best.

Each square will be approximately 8″ x 8″. Their will be a variety of stitches throughout including cables, graphs and lace work. Another tip is to try to use yarns that are all similar in weight and type. Example: Worsted weight acrylics, DK wools, or cottons. I wouldn’t recommend switching between these but rather stick with one type. Otherwise, it will cause inconsistency in the overall look and feel of your blanket. Cotton and wool will shrink where acrylics do not, so keep this in mind. However, if you want to go crazy and mix it up don’t let me stop you just be warned.

I hope if anyone has any ideas they’d like to recommend for a square please let me know. This year I have resolved to write more patterns and share them on my site. So this is a challenge for me to come up with a new pattern each week. I tend to get frustrated with things when they are not perfect. This usually holds me up when I’m on a deadline, but I am embracing the challenge.

Rosie's Headband Ear Warmer

I added a new pattern to my site it’s called Rosie’s headband, ear warmer named after Rosie the Riveter and the headband she wore. I hope you like it.

I also made some other headband ear warmers for my girls for Christmas that are similar. Simple and warm just in time for this cold snap we are having.

Knit Ear Warmer Headband

Currently I’m crocheting a baby blanket for a friend since her carpal tunnel was getting so bad. I will share it in the near future. I hope you have fun and share any questions or suggestions if you join our 2016 knit a sampler afghan adventure.

One quick note: Winners from our December Holiday giveaways were L. Hampton and L. Vicars. thanks you for joining and we will be have more drawings in the near future.

Happy New Year Knitting


Don’t forget to hug your Snugglebugg!


4 thoughts on “2016’s Knit a Sampler Afghan

  1. Just a note I am not a professional but I have made every effort to check my work. However, if you find any errors please let me know. Thanks again! CJDavis

  2. I LOVE this idea .. just the thing for me, as this year I have also tasked myself with learning new things. I look forward to your posts , and I am a couple weeks behind so I better get busy!!! What if you include a square with Brioche stitching ? wondering if that would be too thick for the overall consistency?? Thanks !!! Sue

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