10 Felted Bag Patterns to Knit

With July temperatures hitting 100 degrees across the country the thought of knitting especially felting your knit and crochet projects seems crazy. However, I think one item that is perfect for fiber artists are these classy felted bags and purses that are just so perfect for this time of year. Grab some gelato and your needles for some great purses to knit and felt.


I love the book satchel style above by Diane Bertolatti. The primary colors make this bag perfect for school age kids but the style is perfect for the older scholar as well choose your colors and get busy. I really think this pattern is worth every penny for the pattern.

I searched through Ravelry for what I feel are some of the nicest felted bag patterns. I love this set above by Maggie Pace. It looks perfect for your tablet, and crafts plus it comes with this handy makeup case. Unfortunately, this set is not free but I love the colors and the embroidered embellishments.

I try to find free patterns whenever possible, but when I see a pattern I truly love whether it’s free or not I feel I need to share it. This classic style Houndstooth bag (above) is a free pattern and screams fashionista for sure.  I found several different styles including larger purses, backpacks, clutch purses, change purses, and bags for knitting/crochet or other types of use. I hope there will be something for everyone in this article.

This bag with mitered squares by Kristi Porter (above) has such an artistic feel and would be fun to try in different colors or with different styles of straps. This bag is a nice size for all that stuff we girls have to carry around, plus the pattern is free so a must for sure.

This plaid felt bookbag style with a cute buckle closure by Judy Furlong is a classic style with a classic print. Sadly, it’s not free but for $3 bucks a must have in my book. How great would this be in green and red plaid or pink and black the possibilities are endless.


I feel that this Essex Tote is the perfect bag for any business woman classic style and color. I love the red leather straps and finishing touches. The size looks perfect for everyday use as well. Simple and classy! Here it is in different colors and with different handles. Which one is your style?

Essex Bag

Essex Tote by Carol Bristol

Everyone needs a drawstring tote bag by Jennifer Pace for tossing all your goodies in for a fun day in the park. This bag looks so cheerful in these bright rainbow colors. But it would look great in pastels or in a solid color with that wonderful ruffled top.


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What I love best about this little clutch by Mel Clark is the simplicity. You can knit any of these felted bag patterns in any color. However, this clutch is perfect for all types of jewels, crystals, or flowers. Whatever you like this felted bag is perfect for everyone.

How much fun are these 3 little change purses? They really remind me of Pac-man more than monster fish. But to each his own, I still love them I think I’d have to add some googly eyes for more fun. I also, think these will make great stocking stuffers for Christmas so knit one for everyone you know add some change and they’re sure to be a hit!


Here’s another great freebie this tall bag looks like there’s plenty of room for all your shopping goodies. But think about all your knitting supplies and books you could tote around in this one. Just pick your favorite 2 colors for this striped look or go for a solid bag in your favorite color for a simply perfect shopping bag by Angela Roberge.

Every girl needs a classic hobo style purse for her collection. I love these 2 felted bag patterns in pink and coral colors by Nora J Bellows. So feminine every woman will want one. What color would you knit this one in?

Now this little pocket book as we would call it here in the South is perfect for the fair isle enthusiast. I love the designs that run throughout and the pom poms decorations are so cute. I think I will have to give this one a shot for sure I just love the challenge of the design and felting. I’m sure this is perfect for experts in both felting and fair isle knitting. A challenge worth every stitch for sure the Nordnorge Bag by Jane Crowfoot.


Another classic style is this cute little shoulder bag in black and white checks by Topazzi. This one is a simple little bag great for young girls first purse or someone who just needs a little purse for their phone, keys and cards. Wear this one across your chest and shop all day. Now just choose your colors and your off and knitting.

This bag is just classy in charcoal gray and black trim with a flower on the flap closure. It really reminds me of a doctors medical bag. The style has been around forever I think you can’t go wrong with this bag by Anne Dofelmier.

I have to share these little pocketbooks/purses Fancy Party by Nora J. Bellows with their chain straps and change purse style closures they scream class and have such a vintage feel gorgeous is the word here. I truly love the winter white. I find myself thinking what else could I do to make them even fancier. Love, love, love!

A few more bags that are so worth a mention are these wonderful felted bag patterns including a couple of Halloween bags for candy collecting by Candace Davis and Molly Conroy.







Two bags I think are perfect for the younger crowd first this sweet simple purse with a long shoulder strap great for a girl’s first purse style in pink and green The Felted Jelly Bag by Shelley A Boardman. Then this little green book bag style which looks great for the kids by Patons.








Another large Rainbow Back Pack by Phoenix Bess is just beautiful and a large collect all bag with a southwest feel with its fair isle pattern by Pam Allen.








I’m also a fan of these 2 unique looking bags first a large shopping bag but with such beautiful mosaic design knitted throughout by Nadine Foster which I think I would love in red my favorite color. Then this mitered stripes bag by Meta Kruzel. I love how it has that book or laptop satchel feel to it and the color possibilities are endless.







Finishing up with the cover photo are these lovely sherbert colors is this Gelato Hand Bag from the Knitting Nest.

I really hope there is something here for you. I tried to choose a variety of styles and designs for the purse enthusiast and as a knitter for design. I love the colors and the classic designs and I hope you do too. Have fun!

Happy Knitting!

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