textured rib hat

Rib Stitch Patterns

rib stitch patterns

Double Garter Rib Scarf from Knits by Jo

We’ve been talking about rib stitches this month and there are tons of ribbing stitches to try. We discussed the 1 x 1 garter rib already, but what if you wanted a 2 x 2 garter rib? It’s simple enough to alter ribbing patterns depending on what width of ribbing you prefer.

How to Knit the double garter rib stitch along with all the patterns in this article can be found on our patterns page.

double garter rib swatch

Double Garter Rib (RS)

double garter rib stitch wrong side

Double Garter (WS)

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Rib stitch patterns are the best way to create stretch in your projects. Plus, ribbing patterns are reversible making them great for scarves or any project where you want both sides to look amazing. After knitting the double garter and the textured garter squares for this weeks 52-week sampler afghan I fell in love. This year all the men in my family will be getting ribbed scarves. Each scarf will be a different pattern based on these stitches.

How to Knit the Textured Rib Stitch and all the patterns you see in this article can be found on our patterns page.

Textured Rib Swatch

(RS) Textured Ribbing

(WS) Textured Rib Swatch

(WS) Textured Rib





Rib Stitch Patterns are perfect for:

  • scarves
  • hems
  • waistlines
  • necklines
  • cuffs and borders for sweaters and tops
  • cuffs for socks, mittens/gloves, and hats
  • form fitting sweaters
texture rib scarf

Texture Rib Scarf (Inca Scarf) by Patons Australia

Whenever you want a more form fitting area just add some ribbing. This is a good reason to have as many types of rib stitches in your arsenal as possible. To add the perfect to touch to your projects, just add a little ribbing to a waistline and the sweater takes on a whole new look. They also create a great striping effect on your knits for a uniform design.

Textured Rib neck warmer and hat

Textured Rib Oversized Neckwarmer and hat by Suzy Rai

I really love the textures of these rib patterns and I have looked around to find some patterns for you to try. Always remember for a scarf you can knit across 35 stitches for as long as you want. To create a simple scarf. Add some fringe and you didn’t need a pattern at all.

rib stitch patterns double garter baby blanket

Double Garter Baby Blanket by Orange Flower Yarn

Here are a few rib stitch patterns for you to try:

Textured Rib Hat 309

Double Garter Rib Scarf

Texture Rib Scarf (Inca Scarf)

Textured Rib Oversized Neckwarmer and hat

Double Garter Baby Blanket

I hope this gets you thinking about how you can use new rib stitch patterns in all your knitting projects. The standard ribbing is a must but it’s nice to have options.

textured rib hat

Textured Rib Hat 309 by Posh Patterns

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Happy Knitting!


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