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With Autumn’s arrival, we all begin to pull out our favorite cozy sweaters and put together our favorite Fall looks. This time of year is a knitter’s heaven so I will showcase sweaters all month. Starting with women’s knit pullover sweater patterns and following up with cardigans, men’s sweaters and children’s sweater patterns. The best news about this list of knit women’s pullover sweater patterns is they are all FREE!

18 FREE Knit Pullover Sweater Patterns to Choose From

As we transition into colder temps it’s nice to wear lighter sweaters for work outfits and just spending time indoors. I live in the south but grew up in the north so some of my favorite sweaters are not exactly right for those who live in the sunny south. I tried to find a good balance between different yarn weights and styles that will appeal to everyone no matter where you may live.

Starting with this Lacework Sweater by Patons. It’s feminine, soft and cozy, not too heavy and really festive for the holidays. It comes in sizes XS thru XL and is an intermediate knit.

I’ve added wraps, lace, nordic, v-neck, and turtle neck sweaters so hopefully you can find a pattern. Plus, while I was searching I tried to find patterns that had some unique factor making it more modern and new. I truly hope you like this list of patterns.

The skill level for this Lush and Lacy Trapeze by Brooke Nico is intermediate and knit from the neck down making the trapeze and drape natural. I love how this sweater is loose and flowy, light and airy. This is a free download with a Knitting Universe account.

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We tend to think of heavy cable sweaters  a lot this time of year but lace sweaters are just as challenging to knit  and popular to wear. The sweater below is warm but has some fun lace crocheted in the back.

The Dolman Sleeve Pullover by Pierrot Gosyo Co. Ltd. is in both English and Japanese. It’s knit with alpaca and the peplum is crocheted. So knowing Japanese is not necessary but crocheting is a must. A real treat or challenge depending on your experience level with both fiber arts.


The Empire Waist Pullover by Pierrot Gosyo Co Ltd. is another Japanese pattern but has been written out completely in English. This one gets and average difficulty rating from Ravelry and is knit with a fine merino yarn.

Colorwork Sweaters of all types from Fair Isle, Intarsia, Scandinavian and Nordic designs are a great challenge. I love the pattern of this Ranch Rose Sweater by Kate Lemmers in purple and white. This pattern is from Kraemer Yarns and has a lovely vertical fair isle pattern that helps create a slimming look and has a matching hat.

Colorwork knit pullover sweater patterns are so beautiful this time of year. There is so much you can do. Add just about anything you want to a sweater or get really creative with Intarsia, Fair Isle, and Scandinavian designs. Since I’m busy making intarsia knitting patterns I had to post this sweater called In Bloom Pullover by Patons not only does it have this large rose on the front but a smaller rosebud on the back shoulder. Absolutely gorgeous design for anyone who loves colorwork knitting. The skill level is intermediate and sizes run from small to extra large.

Short sleeve sweaters and lightweight sweaters are perfect for work. I love the 3/4 length sleeve on this one and recommend trying this type sleeve if you have girls like mine with long arms. The Super Angora Pullover Super Angora Kazak by Nako is refreshingly modern and can be translated into English. I think this one is worth the inconvenience it is an intermediate knitting level and I think worth taking a look at for sure.

This wrap design style pattern Luscious by Ros Wilson screams city trends to me. It’s knit with Artesano 100% alpaca and has an average difficulty knitting rate. The pattern is free and available at Wool and Yarn.

In my opinion, the best-knit pullover sweater patterns are big oversized cozy sweaters. I love wool cable knits and nordic and Scandinavian sweaters that remind me of snow. Here’s a great sweater and hat pattern from Universal Yarn with a matching hat by Amy Gunderson. This pattern comes in extra small to 2x making it easy to go big and cozy.

My mom used to have some beautiful Irish cable knit sweaters made with 100% wool and they were so warm. I loved them even though they were not very feminine. This Lattice Knit Sweater by Susie Bonell is definitely girly and is rated intermediate knitting level and can be found on Cascade Yarns site.

Oh to be young again and wear an off the shoulder sweater with a pair of heels for a casual date night. The Off the Shoulder Pullover  by Vladimir Teriokhin below is perfect for a night out with the girls or a low-key date night. A Vogue pattern with a simple stockinette pattern and deep ribbing throughout along with the 3/4 length sleeve make’s knitting this one a cinch in my book.

A few more patterns that are perfect for everyday wear. Starting with one for the fashionista in your family. With a houndstooth pattern, this Lata by Martin Storey a Knit Rowan is an intermediate knitting level but looks insanely complicated.

You never have too many cable sweaters and this one looks amazing with a cowl neck. I love the rich purple color in this Ladies Cable Sweater by Red Heart Design Team. The braided cowl can be done in the same color or an accent color for a dramatic appearance. The pattern comes in small, med and large and is an intermediate difficulty level to knit.

The pattern below is this cool bat’s wing style which makes me want to start singing “she’s a maniac, maniac…” The cb15 Jumper n17 by Cheval Blanc Official is knit with an alpaca, wool, and acrylic blend and is an intermediate level to knit.

We all need at least one turtle neck and don’t forget to showcase a snowflake or two. The Divine Snowflake Sweater by Patons comes in sizes XS-XL and is an intermediate knitting level. A simple stockinette pattern with the intarsia snowflake in the center and finished with a turtle neck.

Everyone needs a hoodie to keep the snow off their head as we enter the holiday season bringing us to this Casual Hooded Pullover by Katharine Hunt. This hoodie has a cable that gives a Celtic feel and includes a zipper at the neckline and is an intermediate difficulty level to knit.

A fun one to feel extra fancy and special is the pattern below with its Parisian look. The Bulky Light and Etnic Sweater by Rosairos 4 is worked with a stockinette stitch, honeycomb stitch and ribbing worked with a 100% wool and is an intermediate difficulty level to knit.

I chose this one just in time for winter’s first snowfall is this Snowflake Pullover by Patons with its fun fair isle design and matching headband and gloves. It comes in sizes small, med, and large and is an intermediate difficulty level to knit.

I hope you enjoyed these patterns and were able to find something to begin the Autumn/Winter sweater season of 2016-2017. I will also do one article this month that has nothing but Fair Isle/Scandinavian designed sweaters. Ravelry has a ton of designs from DROPS that are free and just beautiful I felt they needed their own showcase.

Happy Knitting!






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