With Christmas just 7 weeks away it’s time to pull out the decorations. Dust off your ornaments and prepare to trim the tree. So I’ve put together these knit Christmas ornaments for you to knit up just in time to hang on the tree.

Knit Christmas Ornaments For the Holidays

The 7 colorful ornaments above by Meg Hollar are a must have. For only $5 bucks you get 7 classic designs to knit for your tree. The patterns use fingering weight yarn a knitter only needs average skills to knit these beauties.

I LOVE these cute little ornaments they are so fun. For just $4 you will receive a pdf for the Santa, Elf, Penguin, Reindeer, and Polar Bear. These little guys have the nicest details that really make them come to life. Their fun and everyone will want you to make them for their tree. Skills needed are average and the patterns use worsted yarn.

Here are a few more fun ornaments by Amy Gaines. With this set you receive: Santa, peppermints, acorn, snowman, cupcake, tree, birdhouse, mushroom. All 8 patterns for $6 which is a great addition to the previous ornaments. Plus, if you are an experienced crocheter she has a couple more patterns to add to your collection.

What would the holidays be without a Christmas tree? This pattern has 24 different trees to add to the advent garland by Linda Regel. You knit a different tree each day leading up til Christmas and then add this garland to your tree. How fun to sit and look at the lights twinkle while you knit. The pattern runs around $3 now that’s a deal.

Love is what Christmas is all about so this Dansk Hjerte by Ann McDonald Kelly is a beautiful addition to your collection. The heart is 5 in. by 5 in. using worsted yarn. The pattern runs $5.50 and skills needed are average.

If you love felting you will love these little gingerbread men cookies by Marie Mayhew. They are easy to knit and felt but even more fun to decorate. The pattern runs $5 and skill needed are average.

While you are felting the gingerbread men you can felt this pretty little wreath by Moppety. Add some jewels and give it a little bling. This is a must have and it’s a FREEBIE! So make a bunch of them. Yarn weight is bulky and skills are average so get busy.

Everyone know that a gingerbread house is fun to decorate so how about decorating your own knit one with this house 3 wreath by Frankie Brown. It’s another FREE pattern that will give your tree character. The beauty is in the details. The designer asks that you make a donation to the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation. Sounds like what the holidays are all about giving to the children.

Joy to the World and Ho, Ho, Ho! are what you get with this one by Amalia Samios. The pattern skills needed are not noted but they look pretty easy to me so I’m gonna say average. The price is $5.50 I’d say this is a great scrap buster.

Well here’s the man of the hour you get 3 jolly Saint Nicks. The pattern skills needed to knit these funny bearded characters are average and the pattern by Mary Triplett runs just $6. I think you could get creative with them and add your own personal touch.

Red and White look great on any tree, but I really love the all white tree for these. With this pattern you get a few ball ornaments and some stars to add to your collection. They are all FREE! The pattern isn’t hard but it’s not boring either. Choose your fave colors and mix it up with these Holiday Stars and Balls Ornaments by Laura Bain.

Being in a beach town this ornament reminds me of star fish which would be great for an all beach decorated tree. This Knit Star by Heidi Gustad is FREE and is for an average knitter. So give it a whirl.

These candy canes are magical. They are FREE to make and fun for the kids. Kathleen Blass added his poem which proves to the kiddies that Santa is real. Skill level is average

This candy cane is magic,
you hang it on your tree,
And when I visit Christmas night
it’s waiting there for me.
I’ll come into your house and
your pretend cane I’ll steal,
But I’ll leave you something just as nice;
your candy becomes real!

-Santa Claus


Mitten Garland Advent Calendar by Kat Lewinski

If you are looking for another Advent calender garland try this one with mittens by Kat Lewinski. Each one is just big enough for a small gift which will be so fun to fill. Best part they are FREE! Each one has a new design which should keep you pretty busy all season long.

And their stockings were hung by the chimney with care or in this case on the tree. I love these little reindeer and sleigh stockings by Karen Ditommasc. The pattern is $3.99 a classic pattern.

A lot of snowflake patterns are crocheted, but I found this one that is a knit snowflake by Katie Himmelberg. The skill level needed is average and the pattern is FREE! So I say make some in any color you like.

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So far the knit Christmas ornaments we have so far are stockings, candy canes, balls, mittens, Santas, gingerbread men and more. How about we add some cute snowman with their hat and scarves by Mary Maxim. You can use your favorite colors and really have fun. Skill level needed is average and the pattern runs $3.99 so now you can make some snowman and you don’t have to get cold and wet.

The last of our knit Christmas ornaments showcase is this toy soldier. What would Christmas be without the Nutcracker? So I added this Toy Soldier by Jenny Stacey it’s an easy to knit pattern. Skill level is average and the pattern is FREE! So get to steppin’!

That’ wraps up this year’s Christmas Showcase. I tried to add something for everyone. There are a lot of FREE patterns and they all are fabulous. Have fun and send us some photos of your Christmas trees with all your handmade ornaments you knit.

Happy Knitting!



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