felting knitting tips

Felting Knitting Tips

Felt Fabric is nearly waterproof, windproof, extremely warm and hardy fabric. Perfect for the coldest winters and little ones who are hard on their clothes. Felted fabric is beautiful and soft looking.

Felted fabric can be cut and sewn up without unraveling. Recycle old wool sweaters and cut out mitts and sew them together for the kids. How much fun is that? Felt projects are best used for small items. purses, hats, slippers, and mitts. Large jackets and projects are done by felting large straight pieces of fabric then cutting and sewing into a jacket and such.

I’ve put together a list of felting knitting tips for you to refer to when felting your latest projects. For How to Felt refer to my prior article How to Do Felted Knitting.

Felted Knitting Tips:

  • Use Needles at least 2 sizes larger than called for.
  • Cast on LOOSELY with larger needles
  • Bind off LOOSELY knit side facing bind off purl-wise, purl side facing, bind off knit-wise. Prevents rolling.
  • Weave in all ends firmly and make sure seams are tightly sewn.
  • Be careful of I-cords and straps that they do not twist during felting.
  • Felt in a zippered pillowcase.
  • Be patient, DO NOT Rush!
  • Use a top loading washing machine and check fabric before spin cycle.
  • BLOCK, BLOCK, BLOCK! Block before and after felting
  • While object is still wet. Mold it and block it around like objects to set it in proper form.
  • Beware of light colored wool- they may take more time to felt and be difficult.
  • Use a pair of jeans or 2 with a squirt of Dawn dish soap. Jeans help the agitation and the dish soap is lubricant.
  • Have a long spoon or pasta ladle available to remove felting from hot water.
  • Not Happy? Felt and felt and felt until you are! Some fabrics may need to be felted a few times to get the proper amount of shrinkage.

You can find more felting knitting tips in my article How To Do Felted Knitting. Along with some beautiful felt purse patterns in 20 Classy Felted Bag Patterns to Knit and fun board games to felt in Felted Knitting Patterns for Game Night Fun!

There are plenty of felting knitting tips out there but I think if you follow these tips each time you felt your chances of success will be excellent.

Happy Knitting!

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