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Herringbone Stitch Knitting Patterns

This weeks square in our 2016 Sampler Afghan is the beautiful herringbone stitch. It truly is a gorgeous pattern and makes a dense strong material perfect for blocking those cold winter winds that are just around the corner. With the beginning of August, I am reminded that all too soon Autumn will be here. That’s why I think everyone should have the herringbone in their arsenal of go-to patterns.

The photo above is from this weeks 2016’s sampler afghan. I used a soft worsted weight acrylic yarn for this square. I have to say as much as I love the look of the herringbone pattern and that it’s a super easy stitch. My hands were hurting just a bit and I had to rest more and massage my fingers some. I would not recommend this one for anyone with arthritis in your hands.

The herringbone stitch is a tightly woven stitch perfect for keeping the wind and cold out and your snugglebuggs warm and cozy. There really is so much that you can do with this one, from soft and simple to colorful designs, it truly is a versatile pattern. It has such a lovely woven look that would be fun in nearly any color combination you can think of. Use some mohair or alpaca for a soft shawl or blanket and you’re all set.

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I love this Big Herringbone Cowl you see below from PurlSoho knit with alpaca. It’s soft and the herringbone shows up so nicely. This would be a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe in this neutral taupe. It would also be gorgeous with a pop of hot pink or whatever your favorite color is.

I’ve chosen 11 all FREE patterns from Ravelry for you to try. However, they really have a lot of patterns for this stitch with some minor variables, even a few worth a penny or two, if you like. I love that these are free and I hope you find something you love too.

The herringbone hat by Kelly McClure shows how perfect this pattern lends itself to color. Sticking with Autumn colors this is a tightly woven hat that will definitely keep your ears toasty for long periods of time outdoors.

I noticed a lot of neutral colors being used with this pattern which I naturally gravitate towards. Remember that if you love something you do not need to use the color you see. Choose colors that you want and love. If you do love the colors but can’t find them in your store try similar colors that go together well. Picking your color and yarn is really half the fun.

Now, I had to add these Herringbone Gloves by Tata & Tatao. They are just beautiful, BUT the pattern is not the herringbone stitch and it’s in Japanese. I use Google Chrome and it asks if you want to translate the page so I did and although I’m sure some of the translation wasn’t perfect the pictures and instructions seemed easy enough for a more experienced knitter to follow. So this is the challenge of the week. Please share if you tackle this one I’d love to hear how it goes and see your beautiful gloves. I bet these are really snug and warm!

If you’re not ready to tackle Japanese and fingers I think these Big Herringbone Wristwarmers by Parisa Roohipour is a great alternative for the gloves. Plus, they are knit in the herringbone stitch which looks amazing. The tweed color would be great with everything and would really hide any dirt you get on them. Still, I’m a sucker for colors so go crazy and make them match your favorite coat or a cute little hat.

Another wonderful pattern is Lara’s Herringbone Lace Socks by Lara Alewine that you see above. With most of the other patterns being tight weaves. These give us a break with the lace and are perfect for lounging around the fireplace.

However, if your heading out into Autumns first fallen snow you might like these Herringbone socks by AstridKnits instead which are perfect for boot season and are guaranteed to keep your toes cozy and warm. Just so you know, these look like herringbone, but they are not the herringbone stitch I really just love the color and look of these for fall.

Another beautiful pattern is this herringbone scarf knit in red and white alpaca scarf by Jennifer Meyer. This scarf may be perfect for our northwest readers and Canadians as she says it’s Ridiculously warm, double layered, arsenal striped alpaca scarf. You gotta love the name she chose for this one. I personally am from Ohio and know what a cold winter feels like. Sad to say I have no real need for such a warm scarf down here in south town.

Need a little pocket book? How about this cute little Herringbone Clutch by Rachael Kniche in the pic above. Add some satin lining and a little flower and you a great little bag for your phone and change. Can you imagine this in blue or red? Rachael has added a couple of buttons on the other side and this makes for a great purse to grab and go.

Most of these patterns have been elegant and stylish, but I believe we could use a bit more color and a little fun. So here’s a youthful hat with a unique take on the pom pom seen in the photo above. Sara H. Baldwin has taken a cute but tired pom-pom design and really gave it a modern feel with these colorful dreads on top. For this Rasta Herringbone Hat with Dreads just choose your favorite variegated yarn and have fun!

I want to finish this article up with this Emmie Gray Cowl with matching hat from DROPS DESIGN. The set you see above would be perfect for a gift and as we all know too well it’s time to start knitting those Christmas gifts if you want them all done in time for Santa. Once you start your gift list, it will just get longer and longer the closer to the holidays we get. So we all better start now.

This Field Blanket Scarf by Lindsay Inouye  is my absolute favorite herringbone pattern. I plan on making one large enough for my sofa. I’m sure this picture has me dreaming of fall leaves, hiking, boots, and sweaters. I just love it which is why it’s my feature photo. I will share my finished throw once I finish it if I ever have enough time. This one is definitely be on my bucket list.

So, that’s all folks! I truly hope you were able to find a new pattern with the herringbone stitch or mock herringbone patterns and make something for your Snugglebugg or yourself. Always remember that just because the color is neutral doesn’t mean you can’t go crazy with color!

Happy Knitting!

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