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2016’s 52-Week Knit Sampler Afghan

Well, the year is almost to an end. We all have been busy knitting and learning new stitches and patterns for this years 52-Week Knit Sampler Afghan. So far you should have 49 squares and the last 3 weeks are for, blocking, assembling, and adding a border to your blanket.

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The border you choose for your blanket can be as simple as a crochet border single or double. You can add some fancy decorative edges to your blanket. At first, I was going to give a specific border design to finish this off. But the end of this year has proven to be a bit difficult for me and I don’t want to disappoint anyone. So I’m letting you decide how you finish your blanket.

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This week I have one daughter and my grandchildren moving out, one daughter moving back in, another daughter moving from one end of the house to the other and a son moving to Florida. Like the rest of the world, I have Christmas to decorate for and cookies to bake. In the middle of all this, my kitchen is being remodeled and painted. I’m at my wit’s end trying to get everyone packed up and moved, while trying to run my blog, babysit the Snugglebuggs, paint my kitchen and plan for Christmas. The kids have my home an absolute mess and I’m hoping I get all the painting done before the weekend so I can start the Christmas baking. Not to mention that every inch of my body is aching. Too bad paint fumes couldn’t help that. (LOL)

Now that I have all my whining out of the way. I wanted to let everyone decide how elaborate to make their border. A simple single or double crochet border is nice and finishes the blanket off. This knit sampler afghan doesn’t have to be exclusively knit a lot of knit projects are finished with crochet borders.

There are a lot of beautiful knit borders that you can also consider with your knit projects. How to knit a border on a blanket is the same whether knitting it on small or large projects. However the larger the more you have to handle so beware.


Choose the yarn you want for your border which can be the same as one used in your afghan or a coordinating yarn color. Choose a circular knitting needle of the appropriate size for the yarn you’re using, with a cable long enough to comfortably accommodate the number of stitches you’ll have but short enough to work with without stretching the work too much. With a large blanket, this will be pretty big and can get crowded.

Starting at any corner, pick up the stitches along all four sides of your blanket. Picking up one stitch for every other stitch or row all the way around, and picking up more stitches around the corners.

If knitting a basic border like the garter stitch, the number of stitches you pick up doesn’t matter, though there should be a uniform number on corresponding sides. If you’re knitting ribbing or a pattern stitch, make sure you pick up the right number of stitches to make the pattern work. You may want to try this on a smaller swatch first to see how it looks.


Now that you have all the stitches you need for your border, it’s a simple matter of actually knitting the border in whatever pattern stitch you like. Remember that you are now working in the round, for example, if knitting a garter stitch border you have to knit one round and purl one round. Use the tail end of your yarn or a stitch marker to note the end of the round. The number of rows you feel your border needs will depend on the size of the afghan and your preference.

Below are all the squares from the 52-week knit sampler afghan. If you haven’t started joining your squares you may want to play around with them. Lay them out in a variety of ways before you decide on what works best. Please remember that the colors in these squares are not for your blanket they are just to keep things interesting. Your blanket should have a few colors that are complimentary to each other.

I hope your blanket turns out fabulous and you enjoyed this year’s knit along. Next year starting January 1st we will start a temperature blanket knit-along (KAL) incorporating new stitches throughout with color changes according to the weather where you live. I will post the details the week before New Years. Plan on a variety of colors from blues, whites, yellows, oranges, and reds. Happy Holidays!

Happy Knitting!

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