25 Advent Scarf Patterns to Knit for Christmas

December 1st is just days away and we will all be counting down until Santa comes. However, more importantly, the day the Lord arrived or returns which are the purpose  advent calendars. Knitters love these type of projects. A few designers have blessed us with a variety of advent scarves over the years I thought I’d share with you today. The 25 Advent Scarf Patterns in this article were all designed by the following artist Tricia Weatherston, Susann HajarrBarbara LaumbacherUtlindeKristin BeneckenGeorgia Schultz, Lila AgnewAnna Dalvi, Kalindumba. All these patterns can be found on Ravelry.

Advent Scarf Patterns

This 2011 textured advent scarf by Tricia Weatherston has 24 different patterns mostly basic patterns with just a couple lace areas. The scarf measures 7.5″ wide x 84″ long with a sport weight yarn and cost $6.00. The average knitter should not have know real issues and this is a truly beautiful scarf.

This advent scarf from 2013 by Tricia Weatherston is a stranded design. The pattern cost $6 and I would recommend this one for anyone who wants a challenge or who is familiar with stranded work. You will get 24 charts for the 24 days of advent.

This lace scarf from 2013 called Wintersweet is just lovely another by Tricia Wetherston. This one is a FREEBIE a beautiful Estonian lace design great to practice increases and decreases a little each day during Advent.

This Lace Poinsettia scarf by Susan Hajjar is another beautiful FREEBIE from 2012 and  if you would rather have a table runner instead or placemats it’s perfect for that too.

Another Free Lace Ilex pattern by Susann Hajjar for those who can’t get enough lace scarves. This is truly lovely in red for the holidays.

I love this holly lace by Susann Hajjar it is Free and just gorgeous. I’ve included this little note so you can see how she had this planned. It is 6 panels you choose what order to knit them in.

‘Rules’ of Advent calendar:

The Lace Holly – Lace Knitter’s Advent Calendar 2011 consists of 6 little patterns that can be knitted in whatever order you like.
To get the surprise feeling of an Advent calendar the 6 little patterns are named block 1 – 6 and are meant to be selected by rolling a die 🙂

I love these lace advent scarves by Susann Hajjar they are all FREE and simply gorgeous. This one Lace Christmas Rose is from 2010 and 16 stitches x 548 rows you can repeat if you want it to be longer.

I love how colorful this Chevron Ripple Stitch Advent Scarf 2014 by Tricia Wetherston. I think this one is perfect for children of all ages. This is 8.5″ x 80″ long and cost $6 and is knit with self-striping yarn.

This is Tricia Weatherston’s 2015 Advent Scarf featuring a continuous pattern of running cables and Estonian lace pattern. Again the cost of this pattern is $6.

Another Scarf from Tricia Weatherston for $6 made up of 24 cable patterns. It measures 7.5″ x 84″ long with a sport weight yarn. Perfect for the average knitter.

Christmas in the Mountains Advent is a beautiful crescent shawl with traditional patterns that have been reinterpreted into modern designs. This is a wonderful challenge if you have never done colorwork before. Don’t be intimidated just give it a try. The pattern runs approximately $5.

We have a very lacy Advent Calendar Shawl 2011 by Utlinde. Another great FREEBIE! Make sure to read the notes with this one on the Ravelry page in case it has not been updated. Enjoy!

Just gorgeous! I can’t say enough about this Advent Calendar Scarf 2010 by Utlinde I love the stars, hearts and what look like trees to me. This one too is FREE. Just follow the Ravelry page for error fixes and you should be fine. It’s so pretty I think it’s worth giving a shot plus it’s free.

This Advent Calendar Scarf 2011 by Kristin Benecken is so pretty in winter white. A little heavier and so nice you can see all the different patterns throughout. It’s FREE she used fingering weight but the photo looks heavier to me which I really like.

I love the variegated colors with this Advent Scarf 2016 Jila Claudines by Georgia Schultz. There are 20 different patterns using fingering weight. The pattern cost $8.50. They truly have embraced the meaning of the season and what the Advent season is about.

Advent Scarf 2015 by Lila Agnew is so pretty. They have chosen 20 pretty lace patterns for you to knit each day of advent. The pattern runs $5 and is perfect for the average knitter.

This snow white Advent scarf by Lila Agnew from 2014 is so gorgeous I’m not sure how I’m supposed to choose from all these advent scarf patterns. She uses fingering weight yarn and the pattern cost $5. I truly love this one the white shows off the different patterns throughout the advent calendar.

Advent Scarf 2010 by Tricia Weatherston is so pretty in this color. Knit a different lace panel through the Advent calendar. The pattern cost just $6 and is worth every penny for the beautiful design that Tricia Weatherston is so known for.

My favorite shawl Advent project is this beautiful red lace Advent Kalendar by Anna Dalvi. The pattern cost just $6 but if you buy 5 patterns the cheapest is free. So check it out you might find some other great patterns from Anna Dalvi.

The shawl design is inspired by the Zorya.

The Zorya are ancient Slavic sky and light goddesses. They are sisters; Utrennyaya, the morning star, and Vechernyaya, the evening star. Their purpose is to guard the doomsday hound Simargl who tries to eat Ursa Minor, the little bear. If the chain should ever break and the dog should ever get loose, the universe will end. The Zorya serve the sun god Dažbog. Zorya Utrennyaya opens the gates to his palace every morning for the sun-chariot’s departure. At dusk, Zorya Vechernyaya closes the palace gates once more after his return.

25 Advent Scarf Patterns to Knit in time for Christmas

Advent Kalendar by Anna Dalvi

Advent Calender Scarf 2010 has 24 different lace design patterns for each day of the Advent. The pattern is FREE and I think the photo truly shows how spectacular this scarf really is.

This is the 3rd Advent Calender Scarf 2012 by Kristin Benecken I love the Christmas red color. Another great FREEBIE with beautiful lace panels throughout the design.

This 2013 Advent Scarf by Lila Agnew is available for $7. It’s another great lace scarf to try for the Advent season. Lila and Claudine’s KAL are perfect fun if you are looking for a great KAL challenge.

The 2012 Advent Scarf by Lila Agnew is available for $7 and is another great KAL they did in 2012. Celebrate Advent in this most meaningful way, knitting a section of the scarf each day of Advent. They have chosen 20 very easy patterns. You can decide how many repeats you do of each stitch pattern.

If you were looking for snow this winter. This scarf is perfect. AdventsKalender 2012 by Kalindumba double sided knitting is not for a new knitter but this is truly a beautiful scarf. Costs approximately $4.18 and worth every penny.

When designing this pattern Nacht Uber Bethlehem by Barbara Laumbacher  she wanted to knit a little shawl in crescent form with stars, in reminiscence of the “Night Over Bethlehem” which was finally illuminated by the star that announced the Nativity. Barbara Laumbacher came up with this lovely shawl. I just love the idea of this one with garter, stockinette, stranded, and lace it has a little bit of everything. It’s perfect for the holidays. The pattern runs approximately $5.19.

I hope your Advent month is special and you may have found a pattern or two that you’d like to knit while counting down the days to Christmas. These 25 Advent Scarf Patterns are each beautiful with unique designs. Some are FREE some not but there’s something for everyone.

Have a very Merry Christmas! Happy Knitting!



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